FIFA president Gianni Infantino vows to ‘support women’ amid World Cup kiss Scan**l involving Luis Rubiales
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 01
Gianni Infantino has offered his support to the Spanish women’s team (Picture: Getty)

president Gianni Infantino has vowed to ‘support women’ amid the kiss Scan**l involving and Jenni Hermoso.

Spanish FA president Rubiales was pictured grabbing player Hermoso and kissing her on the lips during the country’s celebrations after beating  in the Women’s World Cup final, an incident which has been widely condemned.

Hermoso  and has confirmed that , while her team-mates have joined her in solidarity .

The Spanish FA have urged Rubiales to stand down while he has been and it is thought that .

FIFA president Infantino has now spoken out about the incident and said: ‘Sadly, the well-deserved celebration of [Spain’s] magnificent champions was marred by what happened after the final whistle.

‘And what continued to happen in the days that followed. This should never have happened.

‘But it happened, and FIFA’s disciplinary bodies immediately assumed their responsibility, taking the necessary measures.

‘Disciplinary proceedings shall follow their legitimate course. For our part, we must continue to focus on how to continue to support women and women’s football in the future.

‘On and off the pitch. Upholding true values and respecting the players as people, as well as their fantastic performances.’

Meanwhile, Spanish prosecutors .