Michael Owen highlights major ‘worry’ for Man Utd which is not the case at Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and Brighton
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 25
Michael Owen is concerned about Erik ten Hag’s style of play at Man Utd (Picture: PLP)

Michael Owen has highlighted a major issue for and says , Liverpool, and Brighton do not have the same problem.

The Red Devils have made a poor start in the this season and sit eighth in the table having lost four of their opening nine games.

Ahead of their derby against Manchester City on Sunday, Owen has raised concerns over his former club’s somewhat confusing style of football under boss Erik ten Hag – an issue which does not impact their top-flight rivals – who have clearer philosophies under their respective managers.

‘Manchester United are in a position at the moment where they are desperate to stick with a manager,’ Owen told .

‘There has been so much chop and changing since Sir Alex Ferguson, and not every manager they employ can be bad. In fact, all of them had the CV to suggest they could be great managers.

‘So at some point you have to stop chopping and changing and stick with a manager, and I think Manchester United are at that point where they really want some continuity.

‘But I did expect Manchester United to be further down the line than they currently are. If you look in black and white you can argue against that, they did win a cup, got to the final of another one and qualified for the Champions League.

‘It’s a pretty decent season, not by Manchester United’s standards but over the past few years. So that was a huge step forward on paper but visually I was not impressed and I wondered whether this was a true reflection of their ability at the time, and this season has only confirmed that in my mind.

‘The one thing I say to people is that if you put Man City in front of me and changed the colours of their shirts and the faces of the players, I could watch them for about 30 seconds and say that’s Manchester City playing there.

‘I could do the same with Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and virtually every other team, including Brighton, they just have an identity.

‘I watch Man Utd and I still don’t know what they are, and I’ve been watching them for a very long time.

‘I don’t know if they are a counter-attacking team, I don’t know if they are a possession team, I don’t know if they press from the front.

‘I don’t feel they have this identity of what other teams have got and that’s my worry, I don’t know where their destination is. I don’t know where the end game is, I don’t know what they are building, they are just a bit of everything at the moment which is a bit of a worry.’