Jurgen Klopp slams fans for ‘shameful’ tragedy chanting during Luton vs Liverpool
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 07
Jurgen Klopp did not hear the tragedy chanting during Liverpool’s draw at Luton (Photo: Getty)

added his condemnation of the tragedy chanting that was heard during Liverpool’s draw at Town on Sunday.

to salvage a 1-1 draw for the Reds against the Hatters in a shock result.

However, the game was marred after Hillsborough-related taunts could be heard at Kenilworth Road throughout the match.

Asked about the chants in his post-match press conference, Liverpool manager Klopp admitted he hadn’t heard them while on the touchline, but had a blunt message for the fans involved.

‘I didn’t hear that, no,’ the German said.

‘Shame on everybody who sang on it, but I didn’t hear it.’

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, .

Jamie Carragher was very disappointed with what he heard at Kenilworth Road (Photo: Getty)

‘At the start of the season I was involved in something with supporters coming together about tragedy chanting,’ he said.

‘I’ve just heard that a couple of times in this game. As supporters we’ve got to have rivalry, there’s no doubt about that but we’re better than that.

‘I’ve heard it two or three times in the game, a few minutes ago as well. All clubs have been guilty of it at different times, but the world we live in now, I think we’re better than that.’

Prior to kick-off, as the winger as he made his comeback following his father’s kidnapping in Colombia last week.

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