Alex Scott wears OneLove armband live on BBC coverage after England’s U-turn
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 21
Alex Scott showed her support for the OneLove campaign (Picture: BBC)

Alex Scott sported the OneLove armband live on the BBC ahead of England’s clash with Iran on Monday, after it was decided that captain would not wear the strap during the match.

The symbol of inclusion and anti-discrimination was due to be worn by Kane and the captains of six other nations before threatened punishment for doing so.

The captains could have been shown yellow cards before they played for not wearing the armbands issued by FIFA, which they clearly decided was too much of a threat, so opted against making the gesture.

Scott, though, took her opportunity to sport the rainbow armband in the build-up to the Group B clash in .

The decision not to wear the OneLove armband due to FIFA’s ruling has been hit with criticism, with former England captain Rio Ferdinand saying the Three Lions and the other nations who wanted to wear the strap have ‘folded like a pack of cards’.

‘They’ve had one bump in the road and they’ve all folded like a pack of cards,’ Ferdinand said on the BBC.

He added: ‘They can’t win as a footballer, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

‘If you speak out people say, “You’re not a politician, be quiet, get back in your box”. It’s very difficult now.

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‘That’s why I think the federations have to be stronger. The organisations have to come at this together as a unified approach and say, “This is where we stand and this is where we go now.”’

Harry Kane will not be wearing the OneLove armband he has sported in the past (Picture: PA)

England manager Gareth Southgate added little to the discussion when asked about it, telling the BBC: ‘Well a lot of discussions have been going on without me involved because I’ve been focused on the game.

‘We’re wearing the FIFA armband, that was decided by the collective federations overnight I believe.

‘We are in the middle of that. We’re just trying to focus on the game, frankly.’


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