Champions League final interrupted by pitch invaders after less than a minute
Posted by  badge Boss on 3 weeks ago
Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marcel Sabitzer helped detain a pitch invader at Wembley (Getty)

The final between Real Madrid and at Wembley was interrupted by three pitch invaders on Saturday evening.

After less than a minute played, three men managed to evade security and make their way onto the pitch with the Madrid and Dortmund players.

Play was halted as security staff moved in the tackle the three men, while Dortmund midfielder Marcel Sabitzer also helped to detain one man who was brought down.

One of the pitch invaders also approached Madrid winger Vinicius Jr for a selfie. The same man also made his way to Jude Bellingham.

All three men were wearing T-shirts with the name ‘Mellstroy’, which is the name of a famous Belarusian internet streamer.

The incident cause a delay of two minutes before play was resumed.

The pitch invaders wore T-shirts with the name ‘Mellstroy’ (Shutterstock)
A pitch invader took a selfie with Vinicius Junior (Getty)
Play was stopped inside the first minute at Wembley (Reuters)
A pitch invader was led away by security (AFP via Getty)

A Wembley spokesperson subsequently confirmed that all of the pitch invaders had been arrested.

‘It is illegal to enter the field of play at Wembley Stadium, and we strongly condemn the actions of those who interrupted the UEFA Champions League Final shortly after kick-off,’ the spokesperson said.

‘All of the individuals have now been arrested. We will support the relevant authorities to ensure appropriate action is taken.’

Wembley security staff will face scrutiny over the quick pitch invasion (Reuters)
One of the pitch invaders was tackled by a steward (AFP via Getty)
The game was delayed for two minutes (Reuters)

Saturday’s match between Dortmund and Madrid is the first UEFA final to be held at Wembley since the European Championship final between England and Italy in 2021.

That game was marred by hundreds of intruders .

It’s understood that in response to the unrest at the Euro 2020 final, the Football Association has pumped millions into beefing up security at Wembley.

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