Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher ‘better suited’ to playing for Tottenham, claims Pat Nevin
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 18
Tottenham targeted a move for Chelsea midfielder Conor Gallagher last summer (Getty)

midfielder would be better suited playing for under , according to Pat Nevin.

but could make a move at the end of the season with Chelsea under pressure to meet Financial Fair Play regulations.

Gallagher will have just a year remaining on his contract at the end of the season and Nevin believes the England international would thrive if he ended up making the move to Spurs.

‘In an ideal world where finances are all balanced, would absolutely not be looking to sell ,’ Nevin told

‘I can’t imagine it, it’s unthinkable. Similarly to when left. But if the finances say you need to do it then you need to do it.

Pat Nevin believes Mauricio Pochettino wants more experienced signings for Chelsea (Getty)

‘It may be unbelievably painful for a lot of Chelsea fans because, as someone said to me the other day, it feels like selling the family silver.

‘Chelsea have been selling off bits of the stadium and hotels and it’s slightly discomforting but the accountants are in control really.

‘You wouldn’t be surprised if he went to someone like Spurs signed Conor Gallagher, obviously that would be particularly painful for Chelsea fans. But what a player he would be for them, I’d probably say he’s better suited to Spurs, the way he plays.

‘The transfer situation is really quite delicate with Chelsea because we don’t know who is making the decisions and that’s what it comes down to.

‘If it comes down to the manager then he will make changes and will want to get rid of a number of players and bring in more experience in certain areas.

‘But I have no doubt that he may not be the one making any decision which is quite common in the modern game, so that’s a kind of slight delicacy of it.’

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