Footballer violated during match by fan when he went for a throw-in
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 07
A Rayo Vallecano fan appeared to poke Lucas Ocampos backside on Monday night

have condemned ‘the obscene gesture’ of a Rayo Vallecano fan, who appeared to interfere with Lucas Ocampos by poking his backside during their LaLiga match on Monday night.

With 33 minutes gone in the first half, Ocampos was about to take a throw in, when .

The Argentine winger turned to remonstrate with the fan and then called referee Hernandez Maeso over, with the match halted for a couple of minutes as a result.

As Ocampos remonstrated with Maeso, Rayo players Isi Palazon and Oscar Valentin both went over to speak to the young fan who poked the Sevilla winger.

A statement from Sevilla read: ‘Sevilla FC deeply regrets the incident that occurred this Monday in the match against Rayo Vallecano, in which our player Lucas Ocampos suffered an obscene and totally inappropriate gesture by a local fan.

‘Sevilla FC hopes that the appropriate measures will be taken which typifies the regulation so that such behavior is not repeated on a football field, and this has been transferred to LaLiga.

‘These gestures and behaviors should not be allowed in our competition if we aspire to be the best league in the world.’

Ocampos played on to help Sevilla record a much-needed win (Picture: Getty)

Ocampos, meanwhile, voiced his discontent in the aftermath of the match and called on the authorities to take action.

He told broadcaster DAZN ‘You can see what happened in the footage,’

‘I hope La Liga takes it as seriously as it takes racism and these things. I don´t think all the Rayo people are like that because they have always treated us with respect, but there is always one fool.

‘I hope it doesn’t happen in other areas, because if this happens in a women’s football match we know what can happen.

‘I kept my calm because I have two daughters, I hope this doesn’t happen to them in the future.

‘I hope that the action that has to be taken is taken, and I hope that a fool like this does not stain a set of fans who otherwise behaved very well.’