Former Arsenal star Ray Parlour slams ‘ridiculous’ Richarlison for his row with Aaron Ramsdale during derby
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 17
Richarlison and Ramsdale were involved in an exchange after the final whistle (Picture: Getty)

Ray Parlour has taken aim at the ‘ridiculous’ behaviour of forward after the ugly scenes at the end of Arsenal’s north derby win.

over their arch-rivals on Sunday evening, opening up an at the top of the Premier League.

There was chaos at the final whistle however with a Gunners goalkeeper .

Seconds before that incident, Richarlison was involved in a , having taken exception to the Gunners shot stopper turning to the home fans and kissing the Arsenal badge. The Brazilian was seen berating and pushing Ramsdale as the England international went to retrieve his water bottle by the advertising boards, where he was then targeted by the Spurs fan.

Former Gunner Parlour was disgusted by the incident, also taking aim at Richarlison for his role in the melee.

‘The reactions after the match were absolutely ridiculous,’ Parlour told . ‘I know people don’t like to lose, and that is why when you lose there is always a bit of friction. North London Derbies are always quite feisty – I have played in so many! You do get the odd idiot that will go over the top and cross the line.

‘Getting stick from the fans is normal, but there are people who have crossed the line and that fan certainly did. With Richarlison, I don’t know what he was trying to do. It’s ridiculous. The correct thing to do is shake someone’s hand when you lose.

Ramsdale celebrated Arsenal’s win in front of the home fans (Picture: Getty)

‘I’ve lost North London Derbies. When you lose you’re not happy, but you don’t go around doing what he did.

‘So I think had done well to get him away. But you don’t really need that in the game. You can lose the game, but don’t lose it in that manner and lose your head as well. I think Conte will be disappointed as well.’

Richarlison, who only came on as a second-half sub, was also involved in a verbal altercation with countryman Gabriel Martinelli as he accused the Arsenal forward of diving.

The former Everton star later apologised to Martinelli but did not back down over his row with Ramsdale, accusing the goalkeeper of disrespecting Spurs fans.

‘I’m apologising to him. Like it or not, he’s my teammate. It’s part of the game, it’s a derby, we were hot headed,’ Richarlison said.

‘What I really didn’t like was their goalkeeper going to celebrate in front of our fans,’ said Richarlison.

‘It’s kind of disrespectful to our fans, he has their fans, he has to go celebrate with their fans, not be cute with our fans.’


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