Gary Neville aims fresh dig at Cristiano Ronaldo and tells Man Utd to terminate his contract ‘in the next few days’
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 17, 2022 - 02:43PM
Ronaldo ‘does not want a way back’, says Neville (Picture: Getty)

Gary Neville insists should have handled his attempt to force his way out of much differently, believing the club will terminate his contract in the coming days.

Ronaldo has this week accused United of ‘betraying him’, taken aim at the club’s board and revealed he has ‘no respect’ for manager Erik ten Hag in his interview with .

Reports suggest the United boss has told the club the 37-year-old cannot play for the club again following his latest outburst with Neville agreeing there is now no way back for the striker.

‘I don’t think he wants a way back,’ Neville told . ‘I don’t think he would have done this interview if he wanted a way back.

‘He knew this would be one that would bring about the headlines it has and bring the end of his United career. From a club perspective, Ronaldo has said what he has said, he’s come out and criticised players at the club, Erik ten Hag, the owners, the board.

‘If you do that in any business, there is going to be no employment there for you in the future. The reality of it is they know they need to terminate Cristiano’s contract otherwise it opens up a precedent so that any player can criticise the club in the future.

‘I agree with some of the things Cristiano has said, many Man Utd fans will agree too but the reality is if you’re an employee with a business and say these things, your employment has to terminate. United have no doubt got to do that in the next few days.’

Neville was targeted by Ronaldo in the interview (Picture: Getty)

Neville defended some of Ronaldo’s comments and insists he understands and respects the desire to speak out.

But given the fallout that has followed, and his previous behaviour after storming down the tunnel before full-time against Tottenham which saw him suspended for the game against Chelsea last month, the former right-back believes mistakes have been made.

‘I have called for many, many years for footballers to be open, be independent thinking and come out and speak their mind and not be micromanaged to within an inch of their lives by PR teams,’ Neville said.

‘I can’t think that has happened here, he has done this off his own back with his own strength of personality. I think there was probably a different way of doing it, I think that is maybe from the club’s side and Cristiano’s side.

‘[After the Chelsea game] I urged Manchester United and Cristiano to come together that week because it was obvious that relationship was failing and navigate a pathway to January or the World Cup whereby they create a truce.

‘I’m disappointed that the meeting doesn’t seem to have happened. We have ended up in this quite unsavoury situation whereby it looks like Cristiano is going to end this period of his reign not as great.’


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