James Maddison reveals he studied Man Utd star Bruno Fernandes to help win place in England’s World Cup squad
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 17, 2022 - 02:43PM
James Maddison was a surprise inclusion in Gareth Southgate’s England World Cup squad (Picture: Getty)

revealed he studied star in a bid to improve his own game.

The midfielder has been in sensational form this season and made a late, successful bid to be included in ’s England squad after a three-year hiatus.

Rather than dwell on the reasons behind his continued exclusion, Maddison sought to fine tune his game in a bid to force Southgate’s hand and keeping a careful eye on United playmaker Fernandes helped his cause.

‘A couple of seasons ago, when I wasn’t in the England squad, Bruno Fernandes was playing very well for Manchester United and putting up ridiculous numbers in terms of goals and assists,’ Maddison told reporters.

‘So I probably watched him a bit closer at that time. ‘How is he scoring so many goals? What runs is he making that I’m not?’. If that makes me a student of the game, then that’s what I am.’

He added: ‘I watch every game. My house is football mad. My girlfriend goes crazy because I watch so much. During the lockdown, when there were four games a day, I had them all on.

‘I don’t think that there is a player now that I model my game on – maybe when I was younger. I appreciate all the good players in the Premier League.

James Maddison has been studying Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes (Picture: Getty)

‘I try and take something from each of the players I watch, whether they are a higher level, the same level or lower. If I’m watching a game on TV, I’m often watching players in my position.

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‘I’m a football man. I’ve said that many times. Because I just love the game. In my head, I’m still that little boy who is kicking the ball around in the garden on or with [England] face paint on.’

After receiving confirmation of his call-up last week, Maddison appeared to have suffered heartache after he limped out Leicester’s game against West Ham shortly after opening the scoring.

The 25-year-old, however, allayed fears he is carrying an injury and is raring to go after coming through Wednesday’s training session unscathed.

He said: ‘It’s okay. We had a scan the day before we met up. It was a positive scan.

‘I had a little problem in the week building up to the West Ham game and post the Everton game, which was the week before for us. I wanted to play, I didn’t want to not give it a go because of the World Cup. That’s not the person I am.

‘I didn’t want to have that attitude, I wanted to help Leicester because the focus was still there and [I] managed to score early and carry on for a little bit after that.

‘But there was a bit of soreness and it was getting a little bit worse as the game went on so I thought it was probably for the best for me to come off and get someone else on who wouldn’t have that problem in the full sprint and that full extent.

‘We’ve had the scan since, it was a good scan. It wasn’t any major problem. I have to do a bit of work to get up to speed with the physios here but it should be no concern.’


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