Jamie Carragher says Man City could ‘end up in the National League North’ over 115 Financial Fair Play charges
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 25, 2023 - 09:39PM
Pep Guardiola insisted that Manchester City were innocent back in February (Picture: Getty)

Jamie Carragher has suggested that English champions could end up all the way down in the North ‘if the get their way’ in relation to the club’s 115 charges over FFP.

The Liverpool legend made the comment after it emerged on Wednesday that are .

While the Toffees are facing just one charge, and Carragher has indicated that City could end up in non-league and join the sixth tier of English football – two levels below League Two.

‘The PL (Premier League) want a 12 point deduction for Everton for one charge,’ Carragher posted on Twitter.

‘Man City are going to end up in the National League North if the PL get their way!

‘Unbelievable the amount of stories that come out about Everton’s situation, but Man City’s, which has 114 more charges [and] has gone on for much longer, has gone very quiet.’

The Premier League charged City under Rule W.82.1 – the same rule that Everton are also alleged to have breached – although both clubs and have vowed to fight against any potential punishments.

Following a four-year investigation, the Premier League accused City of breaching rules requiring them to provide ‘accurate financial information that gives a true and fair view of the club’s financial position’.

This information covered club revenue, sponsorship income and operating costs, with further breaches relating to details surrounding player and manager remuneration between 2009 and 2018.

The Premier League also accused City of failing to cooperate and assist with the  investigation.