Jamie Carragher tells under-fire Harry Maguire to ‘get furious and strike back’
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 14, 2023 - 10:44AM
Harry Maguire continues to come in for a huge amount of criticism (Picture: Getty Images)

Jamie Carragher has advised to ‘get furious and start to strike back’ as he continues to suffer ‘harrassment’ from supporters and even his own teammates.

Maguire is down the pecking order at Manchester United under , making just one substitute appearance so far this season.

His confidence is clearly at an extremely low ebb, but he continues to be picked for England, starting against last weekend and coming on against Scotland on Tuesday, scoring an own goal at Hampden which inevitably led to much derision.

Carragher says the abuse Maguire has taken from supporters, from opposition fans but also supporters of his own club and country amounts to harrassment.

The former Liverpool defender also beleives Maguire has been ‘belittled’ by his own teammates, such as when and

Looking back at experiences frm his own career, Carragher says Maguire may not be able to control what fans do, but he can demand respect from other players and suggests he ‘starts to strike back’.

Carragher wrote in : ‘When I was 21 and broke into the Liverpool team, I endured tough moments, scoring two own goals against . The knives were out.

‘Hearing all the derision – some of it from my own supporters – made me react in the next game away at Hull City. My default response was anger.

‘”I don’t give a f*** what anyone thinks anymore,” I thought. I was going to show people they would not walk all over me.

‘My confession in my 2008 autobiography that I once put a late tackle in training on a teammate, Rigobert Song, because he laughed when he heard I had been called up by grabbed headlines. No-one dared try and take the p*** out of me like that again.

‘Obviously, I would not condone Maguire doing the same to anyone showing disrespect, but he could do with some more fire in his belly; to get furious and start to back. He does not strike me as such a character. That is why he has become easy prey.’

Harry Maguire has only made one brief Manchester United appearance so far this season (Picture: Getty Images)

England boss Gareth Southgate spoke out against criticism of Maguire after the 3-1 win over Scotland this week, slamming people who have abused him as ‘idiots’ and claims against the defender as ‘a joke’.

‘The reaction tonight is a consequence of idiots really from our side who have created that environment,’ Southgate said after Maguire was jeered in Glasgow.

‘So what I think was brilliant tonight was our fans who were here recognised that they’re going to protect their own. We should be doing that.

‘We’re creating a problem for our own player. Some of the articles that were written, some of the comments that were made, were an absolute joke.

‘He’s been a tower of strength for us through one of the most successful periods of English football and the response tonight – I understand Scottish fans, they’re having some fun – but it’s created by our own side, it’s ridiculous.’

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