Joey Barton tells Eni Aluko she should have fled to a desert island in fresh attack on ‘dreadful pundit’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 17
Eni Aluko revealed she was scared to leave the house after receiving a barrage of abuse from Joey Barton(Picture: Instagram)

has launched aafter the former international revealed the barrage of abuse she has received in recent weeks had left her too scared to leave the house.

Fred and Rose West earlier this month.

, could be the subject of legal action from Aluko, but that threat has done little to dissuade him from continuing his diatribe.

‘I was waiting for the victim card to be played. Eni, sorry luv, you’re dreadful as a pundit,’ Barton wrote on X.

‘Tone deaf, can’t count and most importantly you know next to nothing about men’s football.’

Barton is adamant that the men’s game is no place for the majority of women to comment on in a professional capacity and referenced .

‘You should have ran off to a desert island after your ‘Arteta phoning Pep to put a bid’ in nonsense,’ Barton added. ‘Everyone is laughing at you. Not just me.’

Aluko took to Instagram on Tuesday night to address the abuse she has received following her part in ITV’s coverage of Crystal Palace’s FA Cup third-round tie with Everton on January 4.

While Aluko did not mention once-capped England midfielder Barton by name, she accused him of being sexist, racist and misogynistic and of having a ‘violent history’.

, when outlining her concerns.

Joey Barton has launched a series of scathing attacks on women who work in men’s football

‘If you come out and are racist, or sexist or misogynistic and threaten people online, there are laws for that, that govern that behaviour, so it’s not free (speech),’ she said.

‘There are consequences for that. And over the past week I’ve taken advice from lawyers and a course of action has now been decided upon.’

She added: ‘My fear, actually, is that the next time this happens, if we don’t really put a stop to this, is that that girl or that woman kills herself.

‘I’m not being hyperbolic about that when I say that it’s happened. Caroline Flack, God rest her soul, Ki**ed herself, largely because of the online abuse that she was getting.

‘At what point are we going to understand that this needs to stop? Sexism, racism, misogyny is not an opinion. It’s not freedom of speech.

‘It’s against the law. It’s as simple as that.’

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