Jude Bellingham breaks obscure rule every match – but he doesn’t care
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 24
Bellingham continuously falls foul of the rules (Picture: Getty)

may be in the good of fans following his .

However, the same might not be true for bosses, given Bellingham allegedly breaks the competition’s rules every time he steps onto the pitch for Real Madrid.

The rule breaking has been jumped on by , who point out that players are banned from – something which the Three Lions star regularly does whilst turning out for the Spanish giants.

The rules state players must not wear any kit that is torn, and if an item or clothing becomes damaged, they must replace it during the game.

La Liga are said to have taken a relaxed approach to players bending the rules, given their intervention could cause ‘medical chaos’ in the league.

This is because many players have long believed that football socks are too tight – which can have the effect of reducing blood flow to muscles and subsequently leading to cramp and injury.

Bellingham has taken a polka dot approach to his socks (Picture: Getty)

As well as the holes on the back of the socks, Bellingham has also been tearing off the foot section and wearing personalised technical socks up to his ankle.

Bellingham is not the only Real Madrid star to fall foul of the rules, mind, with Brahim Diaz also cutting holes in his attire in an attempt to reduce tension on his calves.

Former Real Madrid star Gareth Bale also ripped holes into his socks throughout his time at the Bernabeu between 2013-2022.

And a whole host of Premier League stars have also elected for the unusual look, including Kyle Walker, Conor Gallagher and Bukayo Saka.

Along with copying Bale’s sock antics, Bellingham will also hope to emulate the Welshman’s success at Los Blancos.

Bale, , won five Champions League trophies and three La Liga titles during his time in the Spanish capital.

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