Jude Bellingham helped Adidas design new 30th anniversary revamp of legendary Adidas Predator boots
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 17
Adidas have launched their new take on the iconic boots – with a famous helping hand (Picture: Adidas/Metro)

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star has played a key role in helping Adidas design their 30th anniversary edition of their legendary Predator boots.

The design has become established as one of the most iconic in football history, with some of the biggest names in the game having donned the boots on the pitch – and several other iterations – since they were first launched back in 1994.

And Adidas have now revealed that the design for the Predator 24, which is , has come about following detailed collaboration with Bellingham, who is in the .

Sam Handy, head of product for Adidas football, told : ‘We work very closely with an amazing group of pro players who are involved in the feedback from early testing prototypes and adjustments.

‘We worked with Jude on this Predator and heard his first reactions when we got the boot in front of him.

The midfielder was involved in the design process (Picture: Adidas)

‘He has been a key part of our development of the boot from a performance perspective.

‘We are working closely with him for future generations, follow-up colourways where we build special editions for Jude based directly on his input. He is very integrated into our creation process. He is a dear partner of the brand.’

Bellingham has already displayed the boots out on the pitch, with the star wearing a pair during Real Madrid’s 4-1 Spanish Super Cup win over Barcelona on Sunday.

Bellingham had them on display in El Clasico (Picture: Getty)

The likes of Pedri, Alessia Russo, Kaddidiatu Diani and Gabriel Jesus are amongst a whole host of big names who are also set to wear the Predator, following in the footsteps of legends such as Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham and Steven Gerrard.

The Predator 24 comes with the traditional black, red and white colour scheme in a bolder hue, but also features a spot of fluorescent yellow to ensure they stand out on TV.

The design contains an array of features which are intended to enhance performance, including a lightweight soleplate and heel to help with traction and stability when hitting the ball, as well as a moulded fit and cushioning to aid with comfort and touch.

The boots also contain tactically-placed rubber fins in the key strike zones to help with precision shot-making and stretch laces to help with entry.

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