Jurgen Klopp says Arsenal will beat Manchester United if they ‘play like they did today’
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 08
The Liverpool boss felt his side had more than enough chances to win (Picture: Getty)

says he is ‘100 per cent sure’ will have no problems beating when they face off next month if the Red Devils do not improve.

Liverpool were on Sunday but racked up 28 shots in the contest and missed a host of counter-attacking opportunities.

Klopp is in no doubt that his side created enough chances to comfortably win the match – with United not even attempting a shot in the first half – and feels Arsenal will be more clinical when they make their visit in a month’s time.

Asked if he will be cheering on United when Arsenal visit Old Trafford in May, Klopp replied: ‘Probably, if we are still around then that would be great. Yeah, probably.

‘But Arsenal are a good football team and if they [United] play like today, Arsenal will win that game, I’m 100 per cent sure.

‘I’m really sorry to say that, but this is a matter of fact. We should have won both games [including last month’s FA Cup tie] and didn’t, that’s our fault.’

On whether it matters that Liverpool have given up top spot to Arsenal, Klopp continued: ‘It matters after 38 matchdays, a lot! There is a big difference after 38 matchdays.

‘But look you will – and people, our supporters as well – will tell us they now have the better goal difference and we have to go for that, but that would be the dumbest thing we could do.

Liverpool needed a late equaliser despite dominating (Picture: Getty)

‘That does not happen on purpose, you don’t go into a game saying you want to score eight goals and it happens. It doesn’t.

‘We are who we are, and we are how we are, and that’s why we are in the race and I’m absolutely fine with that. I knew it would be super tricky until the end.

‘Until yesterday we were top of the table and now it’s Arsenal and, I don’t know, maybe it will be somebody else. We want to be there after the last matchday.

‘It’s always better to be there the whole time and get some distance between you and [the rest] but that’s obviously not really your problem here in Manchester.

‘You have other things you can worry about, because I know your voice from Manchester United press conferences, right? You have to deal with this here more often.’

He added: ‘Now we can say that if we have that much dominance in long parts of the game we should win the game, yeah that’s true.

‘But you are all long enough in football [to know] that doesn’t mean you will win, it just means you should. And that’s obviously different.

‘But the scoreline, 2-2, I’m not over the moon about it. I don’t think that’s the best result I’ve ever seen but I’m fine and I’ll recover.’

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