Jurgen Klopp says ‘blatant refereeing decisions’ cost Liverpool the Premier League title
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 10, 2022 - 12:13AM
Jurgen Klopp believes not a lot went in Liverpool’s favour in their title race with Man City (Getty)

believes ‘blatant refereeing decisions’ cost Liverpool in their Premier League title race with last season.

Liverpool were unable to defend their Premier League title last term as they finished just a point behind ’s side.

But Klopp feels numerous decisions from referees contributed to Liverpool falling short of their rivals.

‘I don’t have any problems with anyone from City. They deserved it just as much as we deserved it,’ Klopp said in an interview with Sport 1.

‘What comes up in a moment like that – a few things happened over the season when a few things went against us, so I was thinking on the [final] day, let’s hope it won’t be decisive in the end.

‘And then you forget about it again and don’t think about it. There were really blatant refereeing decisions. You keep thinking, what went in our favour?

Manchester City beat Liverpool by a single point to win the Premier League title last season (Getty)

‘Completely without club glasses. We were lucky once not to get a penalty against us. But we were already leading 2-0. Otherwise… nothing.

‘And against us? Clear handball penalties, penalties not given. Clear red cards not given against us, so for the opponent. That comes up at this moment. It’s human to think for a moment. But I don’t carry that around for long.

‘No matter how Manchester City get the result, I accepted it – it’s deserved. And the other way round quite the same.

‘And I can say: today I would be sitting here and wouldn’t feel one bit different if I had become champion and won the Champions League for a second time.’


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