Sky Sports host Jeff Stelling breaks down in tears during eating disorder speech
Posted by  badge Boss on May 21
Jeff Stelling says the UK government’s handling of eating disorders is a ‘national disgrace’ (Sky Sports)

host Jeff Stelling broke down in tears during Soccer Saturday after speaking about the danger of eating disorders.

The 68-year-old, who is leaving Sky Sports at the end of the season after almost 30 years, delivered an emotional speech as the Soccer Saturday panel were discussing topics to mark .

Stelling labelled the UK government’s handling of eating disorders as a ‘national disgrace’ and was moved to tears as he opened up on the issue.

‘This is a difficult topic, it’s my second last show so I’m going to have my final sort of rant if you like and I’ve got to be careful to get it right,’ Stelling said.

‘There was a march this morning, this relates to [anorexia sufferer] Abi Davies, actually. There was a march this morning in central by the people who run the Dump The Scales campaign. It’s led by the indefatigable Hope every year.

‘More people die from eating disorders every year than any other mental illness. The ’s lack of awareness and funding is a national disgrace. They decided to put calories for goodness sake on people’s menus.

Up to 20 per cent of all eating disorder cases end in death and the cycle goes like that. As Abi said: ‘Boy, girl, woman, man, goes for help, they are told they are not thin enough, they are not underweight enough to need treatment’.

‘They go away, they lose more weight, they go further and deeper into the mental morass that they’re in, they have suicidal tendencies. They are then told, ‘you are now too thin to be treated’, and are offered palliative care for god’s sake.

‘So we’re not going to help you but we will try and ensure you die comfortably. It’s 2023.

‘Eating disorders are being swept under the carpet. No one should be dying of an eating disorder in 2023. Those with eating disorders need action and help and they need it now.’


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