Thomas Tuchel sends message to Erik ten Hag over Manchester United situation ahead of Champions League clash with Bayern Munich
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 11, 2023 - 10:37PM
Thomas Tuchel says he has sympathy for Erik ten Hag ahead of Bayern Munich’s clash with manchester United (Getty)

insists he has sympathy for ’s current situation at but has warned his players that they face a ‘dangerous team’ in the on Tuesday evening.

United hit another low in their season on Saturday – a result which leaves them sixth in the Premier league and 10 points behind leaders Liverpool.

Ten Hag is now under increased pressure and United need a win against Bayern to stand any chance of reaching the Champions League knockout phase.

‘I sympathise with all my colleagues, no matter if they have a change of ownership or not, I sympathise with all of them,’ Tuchel said on Monday evening.

‘I know that it’s sometimes demanding and it’s sometimes more difficult than it looks from outside.

‘I think I know what it takes to manage big clubs and big players, and it’s sometimes demanding, sometimes you have periods where you feel stuck and the change is not coming quickly enough for you as a coach.

‘That’s why I sympathise heavily for my colleague but not tomorrow of course, we’ll try to beat him and use this stage for ourselves to make the next step in our development. We have still a long way to go, we need to be very tough tomorrow to withstand this energy and this club here. I’m pretty sure will bounce back like always, like in general, hopefully not tomorrow but in general.’

Erik ten Hag and Manchester United need to beat Bayern Munich to remain in the Champions League (Getty)

Tuchel also claims that United still have a ‘certain aura’, despite their inconsistent results under Ten Hag this season.

‘They are always a dangerous team, in my experience it is always very, very dangerous to play Manchester United,’ Tuchel said.

‘They have a certain aura, they have a certain mentality that makes them always very difficult to beat. They can endure difficult phases in their matches, I feel this is part of the DNA of the club that they can overcome difficult minutes, difficult phases in a match and still win and still steal points.

‘They’ve scored a high, high number – the highest number of goals in the group so far – they have conceded also because they don’t have enough points for the goals that they score. It is a bit of an up and down for them. In the matches they looked very, very clear and safe in Galatasaray for a very long time and lost control of it, that can happen. We had no control in the first half, it was a bit of the opposite for Man United in their game.

‘You see in their strong moments how strong they are. The stadium, of course, plays a big role, the spectators are emotional, the stage and the stadium creates special moments, it’s a difficult place to come and play but it’s a very, very good challenge for us.

‘For me personally, I think a game at Manchester United is always a big game. It cannot be described any other way. It’s a big stage, a big club, one of the biggest stages in world football, it has a certain aura and electricity around it.

‘To prepare is we make it for ourselves very easy, we prepare for the best moments, prepare ourselves for the best Man United team, there are a lot of good moments, like I said, when they are good they are really good and very dangerous in all positions and tough to play.

‘For us, we will prepare for the best Manchester United then hopefully we play a part and they underperform.’


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