VIDEO: Chris Rock Oscars Will Smith Slap Video Went Viral All Over On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube!
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 28

Chris Rock’s Oscars Twitter will go down as one of the most iconic moments of the night. And, it all started with a slap! In what has now become an internet sensation, Rock’s Oscars Twitter account posted a video of Will Smith slapping him during an interview. The video has since gone viral on Reddit, YouTube, and Instagram. Check it out below! There’s no doubt that the Academy Awards ceremony was an event to remember. From start to finish, the night was filled with exciting moments and standout performances. And of course, who can forget the moment that happened right at the end of the show – when actor and comedian Chris Rock’s Twitter account went live and Will Smith slapped him in the face! Stay tuned to our website  for the latest updates

Chris Rock Oscars Will Smith Slap Video

The short video, which has since been widely shared on social media, has generated a lot of laughs and reactions. Some people love it, while others are less impressed. But one thing is for sure – people are talking about it! If you have been talking about anything on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or YouTube today you have probably heard about the video of the altercation at the Oscars that has gone viral. The video shows actor Will Smith getting slapped by fellow actor (and her husband) Jada Pinkett Smith after Will whispered something in Jada’s ear.


The video has everyone talking with some saying that this is fair game while others are claiming it was assault. Chris Rock’s Twitter account is one of the funniest and most entertaining out there. From funny jokes to surprising thoughts, his tweets are sure to make you laugh. This year’s Academy Awards were full of big surprises, but one of the biggest came when Chris Rock took to Twitter to jokingly announce his win for Best Original Screenplay. Rock, who was a longtime host of the Academy Awards telecast,

Took to Twitter to announce that he had actually won the award for Best Original Screenplay for “Top Five. The comedian even went so far as to thank his “creative team” – which consisted of just himself – for their hard work. Getting viral on Reddit has always been a popular topic within the community. Reddit is a great place to post different types of videos or Reddit posts, and there isn’t much better when it comes to getting your stuff out there and seeing what can happen. This most recent video will certainly not be the last of these interesting viral posts we’ll see on social media platforms around the world.