‘It was like The Purge’ – UFC star and Liverpool fan Paddy Pimblett shares horrifying account of Champions League final chaos
Posted by  badge Boss on 4 weeks ago
Pimblett was among the thousands caught up in the chaos (Picture: Getty)

star and Liverpool fan Paddy Pimblett has shared his horrifying account of last Saturday’s final in Paris.

Thousands of Liverpool fans – including women and children – were caught up in the chaos which saw kick-off for the clash against delayed by 36 minutes.

Fans waiting to enter the Stade De France were targeted with tear gas as travelling supporters were denied entry to the stadium by heavy-handed French authorities.

Various accounts have revealed supporters were also targeted by local gangs throughout the evening with many subject to muggings and knife attacks.

Pimblett, who was present in Paris on the night, compared the terrifying scenes that took place after the game to the 2013 film ‘The Purge’ – where all crime is decriminalised for a 12-hour period.

Fans with tickets were denied entry (Picture: PA)

‘It was seeing people with machetes just running around, I’ve been saying this for the last few days. The only thing I can compare this to is something like ‘The Purge’,’ Pimblett said in an Instagram Live.

‘The movie the Purge is where you can do what you want for 12 hours, that’s what it was like. That’s what I feel it was like the Purge. There was no laws for 12 hours.’

Pimblett added travelling supporters were ‘getting pinned to the floor’ in targeted attacks.

Countless fans missed the start of the game.

‘I saw a few people getting man bags took off them, where they’ve run over pulled the man bag and sliced what was round them and run away with the bag.

‘Even before the game I saw a few tickets getting snatched and stuff like that. People running away with tickets.

‘As I say it was outside the ground after it when it was the worst. Obviously getting in was bad with the police tear gassing everyone.

‘We were lucky there was like 12 of us. I don’t know if they were locals or not, they’d look at us and see there was that many of us and wouldn’t really pick on us.

‘An older man and a few friends came over asked ‘can we walk with yous?’. He said he’d just been pinned to the floor, had a dog set on him, had his watch and wallet took off him and his pockets emptied.’


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