Jurgen Klopp sends emotional message to Liverpool fans at parade after Champions League heartbreak
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30
Jurgen Klopp enjoyed himself on the parade despite Champions League final disappointment (Picture: Getty Images)

got very emotional during the bus parade after the Champions League final, hailing the thousands of Liverpool fans that turned out despite the painful defeat and upsetting scenes in Paris on Saturday night.

The Reds were beaten 1-0 by at the Stade de France, while there was an even worse situation outside of the stadium as fans were prevented from entering for hours before the match, treated brutally by police and then not defended by those same police after the game as a spate of muggings occurred.

Despite the abysmal trip to Paris for many, the team was met by a huge crowd on Sunday as they paraded the and League Cup trophies won this season.

Klopp was moved by the turnout shown by the Reds supporters and thanked them for their efforts in emotional fashion.

‘Without a shadow of a doubt, no club in the world – this world – that they lost the final the night before and the people arrive here in the shape they are, the mood they are. Absolutely outstanding,’ Klopp said on Sunday at the parade.

‘This is the best club in the world – I don’t care what other people think!

‘I wasn’t sure what we can expect. We spoke about it before, “What do we do?” You have to plan this kind of thing. You can’t just decide to have a parade. But I hoped that we find something like this, it’s absolutely incredible.

Thousands of Liverpool fans turned up to welcome their team home (Picture: Getty Images)

‘That’s the biggest sign you can give to the world. Yes, we won two competitions, great, but we didn’t win the last two – and these people don’t forget, they know exactly what a shift the boys put in. Absolutely incredible. It’s such a boost for everything that will come. Unbelievable.’

Specifically on what Reds fans had to deal with from the French authorities and police, Klopp added: ‘I’m proud of the players but I’m proud of these people, to be honest. Unbelievable. Yesterday in the stadium some things happened that nobody understood, our families were in trouble, all these kinds of things.

‘Now we come here and see this, when you see the eyes of the people, it’s incredible. I love you all!

‘And I’m not drunk, not a little bit, just emotional!’


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