Wayne Rooney calls ex-Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo ‘annoying’, Rio Ferdinand ‘arrogant’ and says Carlos Tevez was his ‘biggest disappointment’
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 28
Wayne Rooney branded Cristiano Ronaldo as ‘f***ing annoying’ (Getty)

has branded former teammate as ‘f***ing annoying’, called ‘arrogant’ and claims speaking to Carlos Tevez was his ‘biggest disappointment’.

United’s all-time leading goalscorer was speaking about his former teammates at a dinner event on Saturday evening and didn’t hold back when giving his verdict.

According to , Rooney said of Ronaldo: ‘Cristiano was so good and so f***ing annoying at the same time.

‘He is probably not as good now but he is probably just as annoying.’

Rooney also took aim at Ferdinand during the event: ‘Rio is a top player, but he is just arrogant.

‘You get paid a lot of money at Man United to kick the ball into the net, so just do it.

‘I said: ‘Do your job, and give me the ball, give Ronaldo the ball. Stop standing there messing about.’ Rio is a top lad but he sometimes did forget he was a defender.’

Wayne Rooney says speaking to Carlos Tevez was ‘the biggest disappointment of my life’ (Getty)

Rooney also claimed speaking to Tevez was ‘the biggest disappointment of my life’ because of the Argentine’s poor communication.

‘For two years I loved playing with him,’ said Rooney.

‘I used to pick him up from his house for Champions League games and drive him to the airport. We’d play the game and come back.

‘And, honestly, I spoke to him for 30 minutes, and I had no idea what is coming out of his mouth.

‘He is just mumbling. I am not a great speaker and I am thinking, ‘f***ing hell. He is mumbling and nothing, nothing’. I was devastated, it was the biggest disappointment of my life.’


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