Twitch bans Def Noodles for ‘Use of Drugs’ on stream
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 28, 2022 - 06:57PM
Def Noodles strikes again (pic: Twitter)

star Def Noodles has been banned from for a drug violation, after he ‘taste tested’ multiple poppers live on stream. 

Dennis Feitosa, aka Def Noodles, first opened his YouTube channel in 2018 and rose to online fame for his peppery commentary on celebrity and influencer drama. 

Due to his polarising opinions, he got a one-year-suspension from Twitter a year ago, which he claimed was orchestrated by fellow creator Keemstar.  

Since getting his Twitter account back, he’s beefed with multiple other creators, as well as publicly humiliated fellow YouTube commentator PapaGut. 

Though Twitch is not Def Noodles’ main platform, as he has way less followers there than his YouTube channel (which boasts half a million) he still somehow managed to get a ban. 

During a recent stream, he was seen snorting poppers in a bid to determine what flavour they are, along with fellow creator Mark from LA Trash TV. 

Party poppers, or simply ‘poppers’, is a common slang term for a range of chemical psychoactive drugs called alkyl nitrites, and specifically, the inhalant drug amyl nitrite. 

After Def Noodles got an email about his ban, he posted it on Twitter and tried to justify himself by saying that poppers are not illegal in California and that they’re ‘sold over the counter’ in many areas such as West Hollywood. 

Though poppers are not prohibited from sale or use throughout California – or WeHo as Def Noodles puts it – they are super illegal in the UK, among other places. 

The controversial YouTuber later tagged US President Joe Biden, jokingly commenting that his silence on ‘poppersgate’ is ‘deafening.’

As seen on the email, Def Noodles’ suspension is indefinite, and he’ll have to be successful upon appeal or he may never be able to stream on Twitch again. 

The live-streaming platform cited the violation of its community guidelines as the reason for the ban, and particularly Use of Drugs. 

Using, selling or showing drugs on stream is strictly prohibited on Twitch, with no exception for substances that are legal in certain jurisdictions.

Dangerous consumption of alcohol is also included under the wider definition of what’s considered ‘dangerous behaviour’ on Twitch, along with the misuse of other substances such as tide pods and bleach, to name a few.  

Though don’t be quick to say you’ve seen it all, as from , to a , Twitch is never short of streamers doing very unwise things.

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