Actor Paul Sorvino’s net worth surpassed $10 million; may he rest in peace.
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Actor Paul Sorvino’s net worth surpassed $10 million; may he rest in peace.

Actor Paul Sorvino had a fortune of more than $10 million at the time of his passing. This article has further information about the reason of his death and the funeral arrangements.

According to numerous media accounts, the American actor died in Indiana, United States, from heart failure. May God grant peace to his departed spirit.

The seasoned American actor was well-known for his roles as NYPD Sergeant Phil Cerreta in the TV series Law & Order and Paulie Cicero, a character based on Paul Vario, in the 1990 gangster picture Goodfellas.

The actor, who was 83 years old, was born on April 13, 1939, in Brooklyn’s Bensonhurst neighborhood of New York City. His passing was announced on Twitter and the internet, and the entertainment industry reacted.

Paul Sorvino

Paul Sorvino, the Goodfellas actor, reportedly had a net worth of at least $10 million at the time of his passing.

The 83-year-old was an opera singer, writer, businessman, and sculptor in addition to being an actor. He made the majority of his money through stage performances, TV series, and movies.

One of Sorvino’s movies is Where’s Poppa? Angel & Big Joe, The Gambler, The Panic in Needle Park, Made for Each Other, A Touch of Glass, The Panic in Needle Park, The Panic in Needle Park, and TV shows like Dummy, Chiefs, Moonlighting, etc.

Actor Paul Sorvino from the film “Goodfellas” has passed away.

Actor Paul Sorvino passed away at the age of 83. The internet and social media are flooded with obituaries and tributes.

His contributions to the fields of art and film will be remembered for many more years to come. The entertainment industry lost a jewel today. He has one of the most prosperous careers in the entertainment business.

The 83-year-old actor transformed numerous facets of the cinema and television industries. A distinguished career that included numerous movies and TV shows came to an end today.

Children And Grandchildren Of Paul Sorvino’s Wife

Dee Dee Benkie, his spouse, his three daughters, including the actress Mira Sorvino, and five grandkids survive Paul Sorvino.

The seasoned American actor had three children—Mira, Michael, and Amanda—with Lorraine Davis, whom he had originally married. Michael is an actor, and Mira, his oldest daughter, is an Academy Award winner.

He wed Vanessa Arico in 1991 and later divorced her in 1996 after divorcing Davis in 1988. Then, in 2014, he wed political commentator Dee Dee Benkie.