Adriana Chechik was pregnant during back-breaking TwitchCon injury
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 31
Adriana Chechik has sadly lost her baby (pic: Twitch)

Not only did she break her back at TwitchCon, but Adriana Chechik’s has found out she was pregnant during her surgery.

TwitchCon made a big return earlier this month, following a two-year pandemic induced hiatus. However, the biggest story to come out of it was how people kept hurting themselves from jumping into a foam pit.

Among them was streamer , who broke her back in two places and suffered nerve damage in her bladder, thus requiring .

She was recently able to return to streaming and updated her fans on her condition. There, she also revealed that she was pregnant at the time, but wasn’t able to keep the baby.

Her pregnancy was a surprise to her as well, as she admits she didn’t know until she went in for her surgery.

‘Everyone’s gonna know but I was pregnant, and I didn’t find out until I was in the hospital,’ she said.

‘I’m not pregnant any more because of the surgery; I couldn’t keep it. But my hormones are also through the f***ing roof because of that,’ she explained .

While she is otherwise recovering, even showing off her back scar on both Twitch and Twitter, many have naturally expressed sympathy and condolences for the loss of her baby.

The booth the foam pit was located didn’t actually belong to Twitch and was instead promoting Lenovo. So, it’s not clear who would take responsibility.

Chechik is yet to say whether she’ll take any legal action and has asked everyone to ‘respect my healing.’

‘Any talk of what I should do to these companies or who I need to be mad at is not a part of how I want to heal,’ she says on .

‘I’m on anxiety medication from this. The media is intrusive, people are arguing over my injuries and I am just human.’

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