AEW’s Nigel McGuinness confirms Bryan Danielson injury wrecked Wembley Stadium comeback
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 27, 2023 - 08:38AM
Nigel McGuinness and Bryan Danielson were preparing for a dream scenario (Picture: AEW)

Nigel McGuinness has confirmed he was all set for his first match in over a decade before.

The 47-year-old retired wrestler – who will be on commentary at Stadium tomorrow night for AEW All In – hasn’t wrestled since 2011 and he was on the brink of facing an old foe in what would have been a dream scenario in front of 80,000 fans.

Nigel exclusively told ‘There was some scuttlebutts, some discussion backstage in the upper echelons.

‘But as we know, “Clamdigger Brittle Danielson” as he’s now being know decided to have to take a respite because he broke his arm, so now it’s not gonna happen.

‘Bit disappointing in that regard, but such is life! I’ve had many great blessings and getting to call the biggest show in British wrestling history will stand up there with the best of them.’

The is ‘in match shape’ and ‘ready to go’, and while he wants things to stay that way, it’s not out of a ‘desire to wrestle again’.

Nigel is back in ring shape (Picture: AEW)

‘Bryan said to me before the possibility of the match ever came up, “You should always challenge yourself”. That really inspired me to just get back in ring shape, irrespective of whether I wrestle or not,’ he explained.

‘I’ve enjoyed getting back in the ring. I am achy, always pulling this or pulling that. There’s not the slightest inclination or a desire to wrestle again. But the ability to do it, so that if I had to, I could’ve done it? That’s something I’m very proud of.’

To get himself in that position, Nigel has been working with the AEW roster in the ring before Collision tapings, as well as training with people near his home in California.

Bryan Danielson’s injury against Okada earlier this year impacted their plans (Picture: AEW)

However, he things the potential of a match against Bryan at Wembley was the dream scenario given their long history together, rather than simply getting back in the ring.

‘I think it was one of those moments in the universe that you never could’ve seen, it was like a portal to an impossible reality. And when he gave up because he broke one of his 206 bones, even though he’s got 205 that are okay,’ Nigel laughed.

‘He closed the portal. So he can go back to wherever he lives, dig up his clams, and live with that!’

However, the wrestling legend is excited to be part of such a special weekend, and he’s comfortable with his role in it – even if he knows there could have been other ways for him to get involved physically.

‘There’s always going to be possibilities, if you wanted to find me a spot on the card, there’d be a spot. I don’t want to,’ he admitted.

‘I think I’m much more valuable doing commentary than being a small part in a small part of a much bigger show.’

He added: ‘Life’s good, and Sunday’s gonna be off the charts.’

AEW All In London comes to Wembley Stadium on Sunday (August 27) at 6pm.  for the remaining tickets, or tune in via Fite TV.