Ariana Grande’s number one single mysteriously disappears from streaming services
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 26
7 Rings has mysteriously vanished from Spotify and Apple Music (Picture: Reuters)

It was panic stations on Friday for superfans after one of the singer’s biggest hits completely disappeared from streaming services.

The American singer, 30, is , with lead single Yes, And? dominating the charts.

However, fans have been dealt a blow after one of her biggest hits to date has gone missing from streaming services such as and Music.

The original version of 7 Rings, , has vanished, leaving Ariana fans to panic and theorise about what could have happened.

While a version of 7 Rings is still available for listeners to stream, only the remix of the song, featuring American rapper 2 Chainz, is currently there – the original version, without the Talk Dirty hitmaker, is gone.

Is there more new Ariana music on the way already? (Picture: YouTube/Republic)

In response, the Ariana hive has gone into meltdown, wondering what could have happened, with some dedicated followers blaming the Thank U, Next hitmaker’s team.

‘I’m sorry, Ariana’s team is so dumb and useless because 7 Rings was just shy of doing 1 million daily and now they’ve ruined it,’ X user CO commented in the aftermath.

The song topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic, going double platinum in the UK and five times platinum in the US, eventually selling over 13million copies worldwide.

The remix, featuring 2 Chainz, has replaced the original song on Spotify (Picture: Getty)

Despite the panic, there’s a very promising glimmer of hope being offered by more optimistic fans who have been thinking laterally to try and understand why the song has disappeared.

‘2 Chainz… 7 Rings… 27 is tomorrow,’ X user Ariana Grande Promo theorised, before arriving at the conclusion that the song’s removal is a secret coded message indicating that something big will be announced on January 27.

Another fan, Best of Ariana, posted a similar theory on X, hinting that the ‘2’ from 2 Chainz’s name and the ‘7’ from the song’s title could hint towards something major coming on January 27 (or February 7).

Tom, posting to X, said: ‘The 7 Rings things are clearly a part of the promo cause if it wouldn’t have been Team Ariana would have already fixed the issue.’

For some people who appeared to be located in the US, 7 Rings appeared in the tracklist of Ariana’s album Thank U, Next, but the song didn’t play when selected.

However, some people have poured cold water on the theory, suggesting that it’s simply a licensing issue or a temporary technical glitch that has seen 7 Rings vanish from some streaming services.

Ariana’s next album, Eternal Sunshine, set for release on March 8, was recently Jim Carrey.

The upcoming record is thought to be named after a film the actor starred in alongside Kate Winslet and Mark Ruffalo, called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Released in 2004, it follows the story of a man who undergoes experimental therapy to erase every single one of his memories of his ex-girlfriend. has contacted Spotify for comment.