At Wireless Festival, Cardi B seems to strike a fan with a microphone; shortly after, the rapper apologises
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 10

At Wireless Festival, Cardi B seems to strike a fan with a microphone; shortly after, the rapper apologises

Cardi B

In a recent video of her being circulated online, American singer, songwriter, and rapper Cardi B appears to be fighting with a fan at a festival.

During her appearance at the Wireless Festival in London, Cardi B could be seen swinging her arms and holding a microphone while she performed. The performer appeared to be smacking a fan with the motion.

The way Cardi B’s videos are being seen at first gives the impression that she is hitting a fan with a microphone. As the rapper bends toward the audience, it is clear from a closer look and another video uploaded by a fan that someone is attempting to pull her hair.

The singer appears to be being pulled by a fan, so she swings her arms and the microphone at the person in an attempt to get away from them.

The WAP singer quickly acknowledged there was no fight on Twitter after the event. She also stated that there was no fight in response to a fan’s request for a video of “the complete fight.” The 29-year-old singer noted that her Twitter follower @itsKenBarbie and a fan had the entire song posted on their pages.

As Cardi B performs, fans react to what appears to be a fight.

Some Twitter users claimed that the rapper got into a fight before she confirmed in a tweet that there was no altercation between her and her fan.

However, after she made it clear that there had been no altercation, her followers shared numerous posts in her defence.

Where was the performer located?

The largest festival of modern black music in Europe, the Wireless Music Festival, kicked off on July 1. Asap, Chris Brown, and Some of its headliners include Nicki Minaj, The Creator, and Rocky Tyer.

Along with her husband Offset and singer pal Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B performed her hit songs in Finsbury Park in London.

Over the course of two weekends, the festival was held at three different locations. It began on July 1 at Crystal Palace Park in London and afterwards travelled to Finsbury Park and the NEC in Birmingham.

Information on the artist

Cardi B has received numerous awards throughout the years, including a Grammy, eight Billboard Music Awards, and six Guinness World Records. Additionally, she has received two ASCAP Songwriter of the Year honours, fourteen BET Hip Hop Awards, and six American Music Awards.

In her new song “Go play in traffic” alongside Kanye West, Cardi B alludes to the WWE: Cardi B criticises the troll who labelled her daughter as autistic.

The rapper with the most number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 is the singer, the only female rapper. The 29-year-old singer also made history by being the first to have multiple solo songs reach number one on the charts and the first to do so twice in a 20-year span.

The Up vocalist also holds the record for the most RIA Diamond-certified tracks among female rappers. She is also one of the few female rappers with one billion Spotify streams.