Ayda Field spills tea on husband Robbie Williams’ ‘bizarro’ sleeping pattern: ‘Even the kids don’t do this’
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 17, 2022 - 02:43PM
Robbie Williams and Ayda Field’s sleeping patterns do not align (Picture: Getty Images)

With all the energy he gives on-stage, it’s probably no surprise that ’ sleeping pattern is just as erratic. 

The former Take That singer is apparently insistent on getting between eight to 10 hours of sleep per night, but he doesn’t head to the land of nod at, say, 10pm like most of the country. 

According to wife Ayda Field, the Candy hitmaker struggled to adjust to the different time zone while on a recent holiday with the kids, and preferred to sleep for most of the day and stay awake through the night, meaning he wasn’t the easiest morning person to deal with. 

Sharing a glimpse into their marital bliss, the actress spilled the tea in the latest episode of her with guest , who’s married to Busted singer . 

Ayda revealed: ‘Rob, who’s on this kind of like bizarro time zone where he sleeps until sundown and then he’s up all night long, decided that it would be really fun to come in and out of the bedroom all night last night and tell me about how he couldn’t sleep and then go on his computer and then come back in and grab a snack and come back in. 

‘And I literally was up with him the whole night and even the kids don’t do this.’ 

Ayda revealed how she even debated sleeping on the living room floor to get her 40 winks (Picture: Getty Images)

She continued: ‘We’re on holiday right now, I don’t have a spare bedroom, so there was nowhere for me to escape. 

‘All the kids were sleeping, I’m going to wake them up if I come in their room. I actually debated just sleeping on the floor in the living room. I was like, “Robbie f***ing Williams, you have brought me to my edge this morning. I have not slept all night”. He’s now upstairs probably playing video games.’ 

Hoping Giovanna shared her pain, Ayda then asked the former I’m A Celebrity star what ‘brings her to the edge’ when it comes to husband Tom. 

Robbie can be forgiven for needing his beauty sleep after embarking on a busy UK tour (Picture: Rex Features)

‘It is that sleep thing for me, I could say white towels and all that but it is the sleep thing,’ Giovanna confessed. 

‘I do think creative people, they go to bed at different hours, and he has this thing that when he comes up – he’s mostly quiet, I wouldn’t say he’s doing a Rob – however, it is the bathroom door that does it for me. 

‘How can you not open that quietly?’ she wondered with frustration. 

‘That is a thing that brings me to my edge because it takes me another half hour to get back to bed.’ 

When he’s not snoozing until the late hours, Robbie has been busy performing on tour across the UK to celebrate his latest album, XXV, which topped the charts in September.