Baywatch star, 51, diagnosed with breast cancer after mistaking symptoms for menopause
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 09
Nicole Eggert has a GoFundMe page to help her afford treatment and support her 12-year-old daughter (Picture: Nicole Eggert/Instagram)

Nicole Eggert has been diagnosed with .

The Baywatch star, 51, has revealed she was diagnosed with stage 2 cribriform carcinoma breast cancer in December.

Nicole played Quin in Baywatch, and also appeared as Jamie Powell in the sitcom Charles in Charge.

Initially assuming her symptoms – gaining 11kg in three months and suffering ‘terrible pain’ in her breast – were , Nicole only went to see a doctor after noticing a lump in October.

But it wasn’t until the end of November the former Charles In Charge star got the lump properly looked at after her initial GP appointment.

‘It really was throbbing and hurting,’ she told. ‘I immediately went to my general practitioner and she told me I had to immediately go get it looked at. But the problem was I just couldn’t get an appointment. Everything was booked. So I had to wait until the end of November to get it done.’

Finally, after three biopsies and a mammogram, Nicole received the diagnosis.

Now, Nicole is waiting to find out when chemotherapy and radiation will begin. She will need surgery to remove the lump, and it’s not clear whether the cancer has spread to other parts of her body.

Nicole starred alongside Pamela Anderson in Baywatch (Picture: Fotos International/Getty Images)
Nicole received the diagnosis in December (Picture: Nicole Eggert/Instagram)

‘This journey’s been rough for me. This hasn’t been a breezy sail through life,’ she told the publication, revealing she can ‘feel’ the lump and has ‘panics’ where she just wants it out of her.

‘You sit there and it’s in you and you’re like, every second that passes and it’s inside of me. It’s growing,’ she explained.

The question right now is whether Nicole can go straight into surgery, or if she has to undergo treatment first.

With a family history of cancer, Nicole’s greatest fear is not being there for her daughters – Keegan, 12, and Dilyn, 25.

Nicole is a single mum and worries what will happen financially during her illness, as she admitted it’s hard ‘not to spiral’ under the stress of the situation.

Explaining how she’s the only care-giver at home for Keegan, Nicole said: ‘I have no family. I have nothing.’

When in bed at night, Nicole revealed she lies awake wondering who is going to cover the bills.

Thankfully her friend Mindy Molinary created a  page on her behalf for fans and friends to help if they wish.

So far, $13,288 dollars has been raised of the $100,000 target.

The page says it’s been a ‘long time’ since Charles in Charge and Baywatch, and explains why Nicole needs help.

She has two children, aged 12 and 25 (Picture: Nicole Eggert/Instagram)
Nicole has no family support left (Picture: Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

‘As a single mum, she’s had to struggle financially to raise her two daughters,’ it continues.

‘She still has a little one at home and she is terrified of not being able to afford the treatments and surgery necessary while also keeping a roof over their heads.

‘She’s lost both her parents and doesn’t have any family to lean on or help her with this situation.

‘She has a long road ahead. Multiple expensive imaging – CTs, MRIs, Ultrasounds, etc. Multiple doctors to see – oncologists, surgeons, etc. Cancer treatments and medications. Her current insurance won’t even scratch the surface of what she needs.

‘She is tenacious and has always found a way to get by, but this is different. She will be unable to work while undergoing surgery and treatments. She has a long, scary road ahead and has a terrible time asking for help.

Breast cancer symptoms

The first symptom of breast cancer that most women notice is a lump or an area of thickened tissue in their breast.

You should see a GP if you notice any of the following:

  • a new lump or area of thickened tissue in either breast that was not there before
  • a change in the size or shape of one or both breasts
  • a discharge of fluid from either of your nipples
  • a lump or swelling in either of your armpits
  • a change in the look or feel of your skin, such as puckering or dimpling, a rash or redness
  • a rash (like eczema), crusting, scaly or itchy skin or redness on or around your nipple
  • a change in the appearance of your nipple, such as becoming sunken into your breast

‘I implore you to help my friend afford her medical bills as well as feel secure that she won’t be left without a home for her family during this extremely trying time.

‘Once she is on the road to recovery, she intends to start a non-profit for single parents like herself, without families, who are going through this ordeal.

‘She will be grateful for any contribution. Everything helps. Let’s get Nicole on her way to recovery!

‘I thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

Fans took to the comments section with generous contributions and heartfelt messages, including Jennifer Flack who said: ‘Keep your head held high. Praying for your recovery.’

‘Hi, known about Nicole and her career over the years, Who’s The Boss guest spots, Charles in Charles, Baywatch, and now social media like Instagram & her podcast. Happy to donate a little now, I hope to donate more in the near future. You got this Nicole, I know you can beat this!!,’ wrote another fan, Roman Santos.

Taking to social media to advertise the GoFundMe page, Nicole wrote: ‘Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.’ – Thich Nhat Hnah. Link in bio. Please read and Please share.’