BBC newsreader Shaun Ley interrupts broadcast with another brilliantly timed sneeze
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 12

newsreader Shaun Ley is becoming famous for his sneezes – and we’ve been blessed with another brilliant moment.

The 52-year-old BBC News presenter can regularly be seen fronting the weekday evening broadcasts as well as the occasional afternoon appearance, and he got caught out on air on Monday.

Anything can happen on live TV, and Shaun gave us another example of that as he was reading a report on .

‘The MET Office has issued an amber warning for extreme heat across a large part of the UK,’ he said before pausing to sneeze mid-sentence.

He continued: ‘…The soaring temperatures this week, the pollen is up too.’

The clip was shared by Twitter user Scott Bryan, who wrote: ‘ANOTHER iconic BBC News sneeze by @BBCShaunLey just now.’

Shaun Ley is no stranger to an on-air sneeze (Picture: BBC News)
A sheepish-looking Shaun said he thought he ‘got away with it’ back in April (Picture: BBC News)

Back in April, Shaun had another awkward moment – and gave viewers a wholesome giggle – as he paused a Downing Street report to try and let out a sneeze.

In the clip, the anchor was in the middle of a report about the various Downing Street controversies at the time and was about to quote Liberal Democrats MP Ed Davies when he stopped and told the TV audience: ‘Excuse me, I’m about to sneeze.’

Who can blame him, really? (Picture: BBC News)

Shaun brought his hand to his mouth and took in a deep breath before there were about three seconds of silence with the nation watching on and waiting for the sneeze.

Looking slightly sheepish, Shaun then lowered his hand from his mouth and looked at the camera with an apologetic smile before saying: ‘I think I’ve got away with it.’

And regular BBC News viewers will know his sneezing isn’t the first time Shaun has made headlines rather than reporting on them: last summer the presenter went viral as he was found to be  as well as a suit jacket and tie.

On the hottest day of the year, Shaun appeared to be dressed as normal as he presented the news, until a camera panned back to show that he was wearing far more casual clothes.

Who can blame him, really?