BBC presenter saves baby bird from roof in heroic move moments before going on air
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 28

presenter Alex Lovell proved to be an absolute hero as she climbed onto a roof to save a baby bird, moments before going on air.

In a clip shared to , the newsreader was captured climbing up a ladder on to the BBC Bristol studios’ roof, where she rescued the helpless creature.

Clearly aware it could be a possible safety issue, Alex joked, as she climbed up the ladder: ‘Disclaimer, I won’t sue anybody.’

She then clambered up, over the gutter pipes, into the corner of the building where a bird could be heard squealing.

A second after Alex disappeared from view, a bird could be seen flapping about, which she swiftly picked up and set free.

As the bird flew away, Alex raised her hands to the rounds of applause coming from the crew below.

Alex Lovell was moments away from going on air (Picture: PA)

‘@alexlovelltv casually saving a baby bird from the BBC Bristol roof before going on air,’ BBC journalist Harriet Robinson wrote.

‘What a treasure she is. So glad she’s ours,’ another praised.

‘She could be, the nicest person in TV,’ someone else said.

Not all heroes wear capes! (Picture: Harriet Robinson @HarrietRobbo)
Despite the flapping wings and screaming, she managed to set the bird free (Picture: Harriet Robinson)

Alex reposted the clip herself with a grateful emoji and a flying bird, as she was further applauded.

‘Not all heroes wear capes Alex!! Bravo,’ one said.

Someone else wrote: ‘What an absolute star you are Alex…! And in a dress too…! Wow.’