BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend absolutely roasted as new location is revealed
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 30
Radio 1’s Big Weekend is coming to Luton – but fans aren’t happy (Picture: Getty)

We at thought Luton was a lovely place with a vibrant community and a deep history – but then announced its Big Weekend was heading there. Turns out, we were wrong!

The annual music fest, (except 2020 and 2021, for obvious reasons), has gone up and down the UK across its two decades in existence.

Over the years it’s been headlined by the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, , and , with the world’s biggest stars venturing to the likes of Bangor, Dundee, Swindon, Coventry, and Swansea. And in 2024, it’s Luton’s turn.

From May 24 to May 26, the Bedfordshire town will play host to a currently unannounced line-up, with Stockwood Park, located just south of Luton, bracing itself for thousands of concertgoers.

But the announcement has been roasted on X after the public discovered that Luton would be playing host to the Big Weekend.

Stockwood Park – a lovely place! (Picture: Culture Trust)

User George, posting from nearby Hertfordshire, which lies to the south of Luton, said: ‘Of all the places big weekend could be and they choose Luton, this is so funny.’

Another user, Amber, was looking forward to the potential hysterics: ‘Radio One’s Big Weekend being in Luton might be the funniest thing that happens this year.’

However, one person looking forward to the Big Weekend rocking up to their local area was Viv, who commented: ‘No way is the Big Weekend coming to Luton down the road from me – never been one for festivals but if I can walk there might as well.’

Despite Viv’s optimism, user Daniella, posting from London, asked: ‘For what reason is the Big Weekend in Luton?’ Meanwhile Megan, based in Northampton, 30 miles to the north of Luton, said: ‘Lmaooo’ with an accompanying skull emoji.

Speaking on Radio 1 on Monday, Greg James said of the Big Weekend: ‘This year it’s bigger than ever. We’re doing a really big Big Weekend. For the first time all four stages are on for all three days.’

The large park lies to the south of Luton town centre (Picture: Google)

The BBC has reported that line-up information and ticket pricing will be made available to the public ‘in the coming weeks’.

If fans are eager to work out ticket prices before they’re announced, they would do well to look back to 2023, when weekend tickets came to £29 (plus booking fees) while Friday tickets were just £18.

Last year’s festival was took aim at the audience, calling their attempts at clapping ‘pathetic’ before joking that nobody in the crowd knew who they were.

After their comments sparked backlash online, the band apologised, with drummer Ben Thatcher saying: ‘‘It was a moment of madness that has gone out of control I think. We actually loved the gig. We love playing music.’

He continued: ‘We love doing what we do. So it has been a bit of a mad week to come out of this.’