Beloved Harry Potter actor is unrecognisable in new Shakespearean role
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 27

Imagine dropping two of the most iconic lines in the whole of a franchise without even being named, that was Ekow Quartey’s fate in .

Boy 1, affectionately known as ‘Bad News Bem’ has become a beloved character after in just two scenes but Ekow is .

‘It’s like trying to catch smoke, like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands,’ he warned Harry after unveiling an ‘omen of death’ just moments before in Prisoner of Azkaban.

He dropped major plot points with a dramatic flair, which fans adored, then never to be seen again.

It’s no surprise that the actor who brought us this spectacular line delivery is now performing for the National Theatre at Globe.

Ekow, now 33, revealed his identity in a TikTok posted by the Globe, poking fun at his instantly recognisable 14-year-old self in his Hogwarts uniform.

Ekow Quartey played Boy 1, also known as Bem, in Harry Potter (Picture: Warner Bros.)
He’s now made a name for himself as a prominent Shakespearean actor (Picture: the_globe/Instagram)

‘Oh you probably recognise me as the person in the artwork for Much Ado About Nothing,’ the caption reads as Ekow sits in full Elizabethan costume for his role as Benedick.

He lipsyncs to a sound, which says: ‘It can get weirder, I just washed my hands that’s why they’re wet…’

The video cuts to a shot from behind the actor, with a picture from the iconic divination scene as the sound continues: ‘No other reason.’

Fans loved the reveal with almost a million views on TikTok, as user Natalie Ronquillo wrote: ‘The boy who DELIVERED.’

Samantha Lewis added: ‘I have no doubt you’re a Shakespearean actor after you changed our lives with the most dramatic delivery in the entire HP series.’

Another fan, known as E, shared: ‘NAH BC U ATE THAT UPPPPPP 😩🫶’ to which the Globe responded: ‘MY Roman Empire.’

Even the official Harry Potter account added: ‘Lovely to see him working with my second favourite bard (after Beedle).’

‘Elite level Bard reference, two iconic worlds collide🤭,’ replied the theatre.

It’s hardly surprising given his impressive line deliveries (Picture: the_globe/TikTok)
You go, Bad News Bem! (Picture: Ekow Quartey/Instagram)

In his own Instagram bio, along with announcing his status as a qualified personal trainer, Ekow wrote: ‘Yes, I am the guy from Harry Potter!’

Since his days as the Harbinger Bem, he has gone on to star in numerous stage productions including The Witches, Peter Pan, As You Like It, and various Shakespeare plays.

He also appeared in the beloved drama , as well as This Way Up, Becoming Elizabeth, and Breeders.

Ekow is due to take the stage at London’s Globe Theatre in April, performing as witty Benedick until the show wraps in August.