Below Deck Mediterranean star makes controversial comeback in season 8 after shock exit
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 28, 2023 - 06:01PM

Natalya Scudder has briefly returned to Mediterranean after quitting the series just a few weeks ago.

After more than a few rocky moments with co-star Kyle Viljoen and chief stewardess Tumi Mhlongo, she decided to pack her bags and leave the boat in an episode that aired earlier this month, her ‘’.

On Monday night’s episode, Kyle was seen being given another chance by his boss, after rubbing his castmates up the wrong way and tussling with Natalya throughout the series.

Max Salvador also decided to stick around after being vocal about how much the drama had impacted him behind the scenes, as he was no longer getting a morning erection.

After Lily Davison stepped foot on board, he very quickly changed his tune and decided to remain on the show, informing viewers that his ‘Eiffel Tower’ is back in action.

However, in the midseason trailer, things took several turns when the stew made a surprise comeback as she joined the cast on a wild night out.

Natalya Scudder made a surprise comeback to Below Deck Med (Picture: Bravo)

In the split-second scene, she could be seen crashing the evening, leaving some of her former colleagues thrilled – and others less than happy.

‘Surprise! I thought I’d come say hi,’ Natalya cheered as she appeared to jump right back into her budding romance with deckhand Luka Brunton, leaving fellow yachtie Jessika Asai less than impressed.

It seemed that more boatmances came crashing down as Jess then turned her attention to Max, despite his connection with Lily.

We honestly can’t keep up.

Aside from love triangles popping up all over the superyacht, the teaser showed Tumi struggling with her team after Natalya’s exit, admitting that the interior crew is ‘hanging on a thread’.

Kyle was called out by Captain Sandy (Picture: Bravo)

‘She is dead weight,’ she said of newcomer Lily’s skills. ‘I’ve given her more than enough and she’s not getting it.’

As Kyle took aim at an unnamed member of the cast, declaring that they would be the one to ‘separate the interior team’, she was also forced to keep him in line.

Sitting him down for a chat, Tumi fumed: ‘You’re overstepping boundaries…’

How will Kyle take the stern comments?

Things weren’t looking good for the controversial steward as the latest instalment picked up with Captain Sandy calling him out over his behavior on board – after Natalya explained that he was partly behind her early exit.

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‘I promise you I will put you on the dock so fast if you don’t change,’ she warned. ‘Your bullying, your screaming, your lack of respect in the workplace for people, I won’t tolerate it, Kyle.

‘If I have one crew member come to me about you, you’re off.’

Kyle was raging over the reprimand, and threatened to ‘resign’, telling Tumi: ‘I’ve never seen her so angry for Natalya’s departure and she asks me who’s the common denominator.

‘I will take that I had my arguments, but being called common denominator, you can understand that would upset you too.’

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Bravo at 9pm on Mondays, and is available to stream on hayu the same day.