Big Brother fan-favourite could be secretly outsmarting other housemates right under their noses
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 07, 2023 - 12:18AM
Is Yinrun playing a secret game?(Picture: ITV)

star Yinrun has stolen our hearts since the launch and fans predict she could be making her way to the final.

On Sunday night, audiences caught up with all the weekend antics from the house, including the  task, ahead of the release of a .

Split into two ‘districts’, housemates had to tackle a series of physical challenges in order for one of them to win immunity, while another was put up for eviction ahead of nominations.

Unfortunately for Jenkin, his birthday wasn’t so happy, as he was voted to be up for eviction this week, and things became emotional when Yinrun, 25, revealed her reasons for wanting Jenkin to face the public vote.

The customer support agent made the heartbreaking revelation following the nomination announcement and suggested she had only missed out on votes due to her being such a ‘minor’ character, which led fans to show their support for the ‘people’s queen.’

However, body language expert  believes that Yinrun is making undercover moves to make it to the end.

Yinrun has been a strong fan favourite (Picture: ITV)

Speaking to she said: ‘We saw a new side to Yinrun during the Hunger Games task. In her glittering cat suit, she sat poised, calm and determined with some new signals of confidence and even leadership.

‘Her speech to the others as she asked to be put up by them for eviction was incredible. There was something on-going angelic about the way she said she ‘always feel I am the minor one in the house’. Her tears were touching and fans must have actually been hoping the others would choose her so she can hear the cheers that are waiting for her on the outside.’

Having previously sobbed over  Yinrun revealed during Sunday’s episode that it was Jenkin who had been ignoring her.

Jenkin was nominated for eviction – on his birthday (Picture: Shutterstock for ITV)
‘How brilliant would it be to find out Yinrun is part angel, part super-smartly competitive? ‘(Picture: ITV)

‘I always want to try to talk to you but, a lot of the time, I get a greeting and a walk away,’ she told him through tears.

‘I’m really sorry that you’ve felt like that,’ Jenkin responded.

Crying harder, Yinrun apologised, to which Jenkin assured her: ‘It’s ok.’

Judi revealed that although Yinrun seemed genuinely sorry for nominating Jenkin, there was a slightly sly reason for doing so.

‘But there was also some hidden metal in her speech, too,’ she added.

‘Choosing Jenkin to be put up for eviction she told him he walks away from her when she tries to speak to him. Her comment was honest but also a bit of a chef’s kiss for Jenkin and could help ensure he goes on Friday.

‘How brilliant would it be to find out Yinrun is part angel, part super-smartly competitive? I hope she is; it would be good to discover she’s been secretly outsmarting the ones who have been attacking her and ignoring her in there.’

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.