Big Brother star defended against horrific body-shaming comments
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 16, 2023 - 09:51PM
Kate Lawler was subject to negative comments (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

posted a photo in Antigua which led to anabout her body, so her fans have rushed to her defence.

is currently spending time on the Caribbean island to present Kate, 43, is touring the tropical location to pre-record the clips that encourage viewers to try their luck winning the big money. She possibly has the best job in the world!

In her Instagram post, Kate lamented how weird it was to feel so hot this close to as it’s not something she is accustomed to, and shared a mirror photo of her posing in a bikini and a few beautiful photos of her work trip.

Unfortunately, the snap led to about her weight. Some users felt the need to tell Kate her figure was ‘dangerous’ and that she should eat more food. While others felt the need to call her ‘unattractive.’

This led to other supportive and more positive people addressing how unfair it was that Kate had to read these messages.

Actor and Strictly star Gemma Atkinson, 39, perfectly pointed out that this isn’t something we should be seeing in 2023.

Kate shared snaps from her second day in Antigua on Instagram (Picture: Instagram/Kate Lawler)
Kate is touring the island for ITV (Picture: Instagram/Kate Lawler)

‘Being “offended” or “triggered” by a woman in a bikini 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 Christ Almighty!’ she typed.

‘Let’s hope 2024 brings you all more happiness! Looks lovely Kate, enjoy the warmth as it’s bloody cold here!’

Social media user Belles Blue 81 shared an impassioned paragraph, that has received over 100 likes.

‘ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH, stop the commenting on other peoples bodies! Why are people still thinking they have the right to comment on others appearances 😢 the “well it’s posted on social media” isn’t a pass to comment on anyone’s body size,’ she began.

Kate regularly gets flown around the world for her This Morning job (Picture: Instagram/Kate Lawler)

‘Have some respect, consideration and human decency to keep certain comments to yourself,’ she later typed.

Another user JoanaLopesGomes also pointed out how difficult it can be for women to ‘win.’

‘A woman is skinny: “eat a burger!” A woman has curves: “close your mouth!”- Women can never win, can we. The worst is these mean comments come from other women as well.’

Kate, who has, has not yet addressed the comments (and she doesn’t need to!) and is instead sharing further insights into her trip which included a boat ride and meeting turtles.

Martin has previously defended Kate (Picture: Instagram/Kate Lawler)

However, this isn’t the first time Kate has been subject to these kinds of comments, and so has previously spoken about a ‘double standard.’

‘If someone is on Instagram showing their curves and grabbing their rolls, it’s all, “You go girl, well done you,”‘ she told.

‘They’re celebrated, called real women. Well, why can’t a real woman be a healthy size eight? It’s crazy.’

After the online abuse, , came to ’s defence and said: ‘I love that people are concerned about my wife’s weight when I cook for her.’

He added: ‘Guys, chill – it’s the camera angle. Put the phone down and go outside for a bit.’