Strictly stars’ daughter, 3, rushed to hospital as parent feels ‘angry’ with himself
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 16, 2023 - 09:51PM
James and Ola Jordan’s young daughter has been rushed to hospital (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX)

Former pros have revealed their young daughter Ella was rushed to A&E with an ‘extremely high temperature’.

star James, who , alongside Ola who starred on the One competition between 2006 and 2015, was inundated with support after sharing updating fans with her health scare.

He wrote: ‘My little warrior!! We are still at Pembury Hospital but she has finally turned a corner after 5 days and long nights of fighting an extremely high temperature.

‘It started Monday but on Wednesday night things got pretty bad and temperature was 40+ so took her to A and E at roughly midnight. Where a doctor gave her a quick look over and said it was a viral infection and told us to continue with Calpol/Ibuprofen and take her home and it would take its course.

‘I did try to say it seems more like a chest infection than a viral infection but I’m not the expert. He also told us that it wasn’t because he had listened to her chest.

‘After getting her home we kept a log of every time we gave her Calpol and then Ibuprofen (2 hours apart) alternating. After 2 more terrible nights of her temperature staying around 39 – 40 and her throwing up several times in her sleep. And even though we felt we were maybe wasting the doctors and nurses time and would look like overprotective parents – we decided to take her back to A and E.’

Poor Ella! (Picture: @jamesjordan1978)
She was rushed to hospital with a high temperature (Picture: @jamesjordan1978)

James went on to say that they received ‘a totally different experience’ after .

He penned: ‘What a totally different experience – we were met by caring and fun nurses who were 100% attentive and by a doctor that was so thorough and taking nothing to chance.

‘Ella clearly looked not well and was sent straight to X Ray – and almost immediately had bloods taken by a totally amazing team of nurses. Who I thank massively 🙏.’

It was confirmed that Ella had a chest infection and tonsilitis, and was put on an IV drip for the antibiotics because she was ‘very ill’.

James concluded: ‘Anyway, the moral of the story is – go with your gut parents. We knew it was something more serious. I’m just angry with myself I didn’t push harder. But to be honest I didn’t want to be a d**k to them.

James and Ola married in 2003 (Picture: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock)

‘It’s just a shame sometimes you have to because of some people’s incompetence. Then on the flip side, today we experienced the opposite end of the spectrum by sheer brilliance from a wonderful team of people.

‘This post might go down like a lead balloon for me to even dare say anything negative about the NHS. But I will do anything for my baby girl.’

presenterwas amongst those sending love, as she wrote: ‘So glad you went back – hope your gorgeous girl gets back to full health very soon.’

’s Coleen Nolan added: ‘Ahh thinking of you all.. so scary when it’s your kids. Good on ya for going with your gut. Glad she’s on the mend.’

They welcomed Ella in 2020 (Picture: Dave Benett/Getty Images for Winter Wonderland)

Strictly star wrote ‘Bless her sending love,’ while Peter Andre said: ‘Thinking of you all. Hope she’s back to tip top soon.’

After fans commented their messages of support, James later added: ‘THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE FOR OUR ELLA – we have told her how many of you have sent you wishes.’

James and Ola, who married in October 2003 after two years of dating, through IVF treatment, having previously spoken honestly about their difficulties conceiving naturally.

Ola admitted in an interview with Hello! magazine at the time that becoming pregnant was ‘our biggest achievement ever’.