Bill Nighy proves again he’s one of our purest stars as he reveals he gets a ‘funny, physical sensation’ over cardigans: ‘I go weak’
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 13
If you want Bill Nighy to be your friend, brush up on your cardigan opinions (Picture: Rex/GQ/Ben Weller)

is who must be protected at all costs, and if you need further evidence of this then he has shared his passion for fashion in a new interview – and, in particular, cardigans.

The renowned actor, 72, who has starred in , Hot Fuzz and Emma, is always impeccably dressed and revealed that he ‘take[s] clothes very seriously as objects’.

However, cardigans see things step up a gear for the Bafta-winner, who admitted to having a genuine physical reaction to the garments.

The star, who buys them for his daughter Mary, has a soft spot for Prada’s women’s line as he claims ‘you can’t get chicer than that’.

He’s also considering buying some house cardigans for himself, although he despairs at men’s cardigans always being ‘four inches too long’.

Speaking about his serious yen for them, he explained: ‘I go weak about certain cardigans, I’m not exaggerating to be amusing. It’s for real.’

The actor wearing one of his beloved garments in About Time (Picture: Moviestore/Rex/Shutterstock)
Nighy is known for being a sharp dresser (Picture: GQ/Ben Weller)

‘I get a funny feeling, a physical sensation,’ he .

Nighy recalled his younger, poorer days too, saying that he knew he was doing well ‘when my shoes didn’t squelch’.

‘Every night, I would put my Doc Martens on the windowsill to air and I would never wash my socks, because I only had one pair. The socks were never quite dry in the morning so I used to squelch everywhere.’

That is quite a picture painted.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel star, who has described his role as one of his most cherished, also insisted that he doesn’t consider himself left wing as he doesn’t ‘think in those terms’.

The star being his usual delightful self last month (Picture: Jim Bennett/WireImage)

‘I think there’s decent and indecent basically. The things that work are the things your grandmother told you. Kindness, compassion, a concern for other people – as a principle, not strategically,’ he shared.

Despite his success as a performer in films, TV, radio and on stage, where he’s acted opposite stars including Anthony Hopkins and Carey Mulligan and been nominated for a Tony and an Olivier Award, Nighy also revealed he still suffers from crippling self-doubt.

Every play’s opening night sees him standing in the wings, vowing ‘with all my heart’ that this ‘will never, ever, ever be allowed to happen again’ as he struggles with feeling ‘so stupid for agreeing to do it in the first place’.

Nighy fronts British GQ Style’s Spring/Summer 2022 issue (Picture: GQ/Ben Weller)
Acting onstage with Penelope Wilton in 1998, despite the word he will have had with himself in the wings (Picture: Alastair Muir/Rex/Shutterstock)

‘And then you have to go out and do it.’

Last summer, Nighy caused a stir as he was seen buying a rose for Vogue editor Anna Wintour before they .

Well of course, fashion appreciates fashion, and the actor wore a smart blue jacket, crisp white shirt and dark trousers for their rendezvous.

Also, if you need further reminding of his delightfulness, this is the actor who took a part in actually rather good , which then inspired his fandom.

See the full feature in the GQ Style Spring/Summer 2022 issue available on newsstands Thursday 14 April.