Boyzone reunion ruled out as Mikey Graham says band should have ended after death of Stephen Gately
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 20, 2022 - 03:15AM
A Boyzone reunion has been ruled out as Michael Graham says the group should have disbanded after the death of Stephen Gately (Picture: Getty Images)

There will be no reunion for the 30th anniversary of the band’s formation as it would ‘damage the legacy’ after .

Next year will mark 30 years since the band – made up of , Michael Graham, Shane Lynch and Keith , as well as the late Gately – was created by .

But while the group enjoyed an absolutely massive career, with six UK number one singles and five number one albums, the members.

Since Gately’s death, Boyzone reunited several times for albums and tours, including a 25th-anniversary tour which concluded in 2019.

However there will be no such reunion for the band’s 30th anniversary, with Graham confirming the news on Saturday.

Taking to Twitter, he told his followers there ‘won’t be any more’ from Boyzone and he is ‘thankful’ the band finished up in 2019 ‘before any more damage could be done to its legacy.’

The 25th anniversary tour, which concluded in 2019, was the last of Boyzone (Picture: WireImage)

He wrote: ‘Sadly there won’t be any more from [Boyzone]. No BZ30.

‘But thankfully BZ was laid to rest in 2019 before any more damage could be done to its legacy after our beloved stephen passed away’

He added: ‘I’m of the opinion that was the time we should have finished.’

Graham’s comment comes after The One Show host Ronan also confirmed there would be no anniversary reunion, but the members ‘will probably get together and have dinner.’

Ronan Keating made similar comments in a new interview where he said it had ‘never worked’ since losing their bandmate (Picture: WireImage)

‘For me the band ended when Stephen passed,’ he told .

‘I’ve never been able to come to terms with the band as a four-piece. It’s never worked for me. I miss him when I’m on stage.

‘So for me, we went out on a high after 25 years. We wrote that final chapter. We did a world tour.

‘I have a great relationship with all the lads. I don’t want to tarnish that and I think it’s nice to have that positive look on that.’

The group enjoyed massive success during their career, with multiple number one albums and singles (Picture: Getty Images)

The former Boyzone members recently paid tribute to Gately on the 13th anniversary of his death last month, with Ronan writing: ‘

13 years and doesn’t get any easier because I know how much living ya had in ya. Miss ya dude. A heavy heart.’

Fellow Boyzone star Duffy also took to social media to hail their late friend as his ‘guardian angel.’

He wrote: ’13 years my guardian Angel ! I’ll never meet another living soul who loved me as unconditionally and honestly as my buddy Steo!

‘Miss you every single day I had your brothers family with me for a Special moment last night ❤️ keep an eye on me brother.’