Britain’s Got Talent 2022: Amanda Holden surprises ‘superhero’ singing doctor with Golden Moment audition
Posted by  badge Boss on May 29

dished out the final golden moment to a life-saving doctor who is also an incredible singer.

The , where each judge surprises an unsuspecting act, nominated without their knowledge, and invites them to audition at the  Palladium.

Inviting Bambang Atmaja to her Heart Radio show under the disguise of talking about his work as a cancer doctor, Amanda left her golden moment star entirely speechless when she announced the truth.

‘Now you think that you have come in to talk about your work as a cancer doctor, well you’re not going to be talking about that,’ she began.

‘Your colleagues have told us you are an amazing singer, and I want to invite you to Britain’s Got Talent and sing, I’m not kidding!’ Amanda added.

The doctor was completely blown away, as Amanda jokingly added: ‘You better be good, don’t let me down!’

Bambang was the final Golden Moment of the series (Picture: Thames/Syco/REX/Shutterstock)

And Bambang certainly didn’t disappoint, as he landed a standing ovation from the judges after his rendition of Beyonce’s Listen.

Simon Cowell shared: ‘You loved that didn’t you, it was an audition we’ll all remember. We love you and we love your story,’ while Alesha Dixon added: ‘You are just the nicest guy and I couldn’t be happier for you.’

She continued: ‘I turned to Amanda and I said “He is just having the time of his life,” and I have to say, technically, there were some beautiful runs in there, some gorgeous moments vocally, there’s soul in there!’

He received a standing ovation after his rendition of Beyonce’s Listen (Picture: Thames/Syco/REX/Shutterstock)

David Walliams added: ‘It’s like meeting a superhero, by day the mild-mannered doctor saves lives, by night he’s a singing superstar.

‘It’s incredible to have both those talents, and I obviously want you to do well on this show but I don’t want you to stop doing life-saving operations on people either.

‘By day the mild-mannered doctor saves lives, by night he’s a singing superstar!’ (Picture: Thames/Syco/REX/Shutterstock)

‘You’re wonderful and there’s something about you that’s so lovable too and how happy you are on that stage, that made us happy too.’

Amanda concluded: ‘You are such a lovely man and like everybody says here, you are a hero.’

Bambang’s golden moment follows after surprising her with the audition invitation.

Skyla was speechless! (Picture: ITV)

The seven-year-old had thought she was attending her regular dance class with other children before the pop-star walked in, who Skyla Blue recognised immediately.

Walking in and surprising Skyla, Alesha said: ‘A little birdy tells me you’re an amazing dancer and that it has always been a dream of yours to perform on Britain’s Got Talent.

‘I’m here to invite you to audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2022!’

Skyla gleefully added: ‘I’m super happy!’

David had handed out the first golden moment of the series to , who was likened to a young David Attenborough.

The seven-year-old schoolboy read out a poem he wrote about wildlife conservation and saving the planet to the audience, as his friends joined him on the stage dressed as a variety of animals and natural things, including an elephant, a tree, and a tiger.

Adorable Aneeshwar Kunchala amazed the judges with his poem about saving wildlife (Picture: ITV)

He implored people to ‘stop getting it wrong’ to a stirring soundtrack, which got the audience on their feet and the judges applauding as he finished.

Next came the Voices of the Armed Forces Children’s Choir’s emotional audition, after  visited them in rehearsals and asked them to come and perform at the Palladium.

The Voices of the Armed Forces Children’s Choir left everyone in tears (Picture: Thames/Syco/REX/Shutterstock)

Each member of the choir has a parent serving in the Armed Forces, and they sang an original song called Welcome Home, which they wrote about the feeling of seeing their loved ones after a long time apart.

The young singers expressed how much they miss their parents while they are away, causing everyone to turn on the waterworks.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on Monday, May 31 at 8pm on ITV.