Britney Spears reveals she has incurable nerve damage on right side of body – before telling father to ‘burn in hell’
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 07, 2022 - 07:37AM
Britney shared with her followers how the condition makes her feel (Picture: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

has revealed to fans that she has ‘nerve damage’ on the right side of her body.

The Toxic hitmaker shared another dancing video in front of the background we all know and love at her home, as she spun around to Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.

She shared with her 41.7million followers that there is ‘no cure’ for her nerve damage, but she is trusting her faith to get her through.

‘I’m dancing in time now Victoria’, she began in her caption, without going into detail about who exactly the elusive ‘Victoria’ is.

Britney continued: ‘… yes … nerve damage on the right side of my body … there’s no cure except God I guess … nerve damage is caused sometimes when you don’t get enough oxygen to your brain … your brain literally shuts down ? … blah blah blah old story … in that place I didn’t breathe when I was there … nerve damage causes parts of your body to go numb.’

The pop star added that she wakes up ‘like three times a week’ in bed with her hands ‘completely numb’ and feelings of ‘pins and needles’ on the right side of her body.

She credits her faith for giving her strength (Picture: Getty)

‘It shoots up to my neck and the part that hurts the worst is my temple on my head … it stings and it’s scary,’ she shared.

‘The last 3 years since I got out of that place I’ve been in a mild unconscious state … I couldn’t face it ?. It was like it was too scary to be here … although my instagram has been not up to par to most … hey hey hey it gave me existence and got me here … it’s funny though when I dance I don’t feel the pain ? … it’s like my mind literally goes to a place of my inner child.’

Brit continued to say she believes her faith ‘gave me strength’ and ‘by the grace of God’ she ‘finally found a medication where I actually feel oxygen going to my brain and through my neck.’

The star has become known for her fashion and dancing vids at her home (Picture: Britney Spears/ Instagram)

She admitted her eyes are now ‘more open’ and she can hold her head up ‘correctly.’

‘I’ve done a good job trying to pull it off. Either way I’m getting a lot better, I can breathe … I feel smarter because well, Jesus I can breathe now … either way, I’m breathing now and I can dance in time, Victoria,’ she wrote.

After wishing her followers a good morning and informing them that she was off to vacuum (because even pop queens have housework to do), she concluded with a rather stern warning for her father.

Britney was freed from her 13-year conservatorship last year (Picture: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

‘Psss … My dad always told me when I was in that place … “Nobody is ever gonna believe anything you say” … well believe me when I say this … with all my heart and soul I pray you burn in hell’, she penned, after being freed from her conservatorship one year ago.

The American star’s followers flocked to the comments to support her, stating how ‘happy’ they are for the place she’s now in.

‘Everyone wanted Britney to be free and now that she is all they can do is complain about everything she posts. Leave her alone,’ one defended.

Another wrote: ‘She doesn’t deserve any of the hate she gets :( she’s literally just dancing in her living room, having fun and without harming anyone. y’all gotta give her a break already.’

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