Call The Midwife fans in floods of tears over ‘phenomenal’ Rosie Jones episode
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 07
Rosie Jones left fans in tears with her ‘phenomenal’ episode of Call The Midwife (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

has been showered with praise as viewers were left in tears over her appearance in.

The , appeared on Sunday’s episode of the long-running drama as newly-introduced character Doreen, with fans ‘bawling’ at in the 1960s.

Like Rosie herself, the character has cerebral palsy, and the episode centres on how she is treated by doctors and others as a pregnant woman.

Her appearance has gone down extremely well with fans of the show, with hundreds taking to X to share their positive thoughts – a big difference from she on The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year in December.

‘Rosie Jones is brilliant in tonight’s Call The Midwife,’ Dr Jessamy Carlson wrote, while user thicknfluffy described her as ‘phenomenal.’

Ryan Glendenning and Corinne Mullins both said she was ‘amazing,’ while Claire said she was ‘fabulous’ and Katie said she was ‘doing really great work.’

The star appeared as Doreen in the show, who has cerebral palsy and is expecting a baby (Picture: BBC)
Rosie had fans in floods of tears (Picture: BBC)

Plenty were left in floods of tears by the hard-hitting episode, with one scene showing Doreen declare ‘I break things. Sometimes cups. Sometimes promises. And now I break people’s ideas of what a girl like me can do. Or have. Or be.’

Reacting to the emotional moment, Lauren said ‘YES @josierones you do and tonight you’ve done it damn well. All power and gratitude to you and the #CallTheMidwife writers for this episode.’

Fiona Shoop said: ‘Wonderful work by Rosie Jones on #CallTheMidwife, absolutely thought provoking and beautifully done. I’m in tears – and crossed my legs very tightly during that birth scene!’

User Pip said they were ‘absolutely bawling my eyes out after that. Utterly brilliant … and fantastic performance from @josierones.’

‘Bloody bawling, bravo,’ user Marvellous said, and Kitty Gallagher added @rosie Jones has been so fabulous and she is making me absolutely bawl.’

Rosie herself shared a clip of the episode to X, showing the moment Doreen realises she has miscounted her pregnancy and is closer to her due date than she thought, joking: ‘Good at being pregnant. Bad at maths.’

The ‘phenomenal’ performance comes after Rosie was subjected to vile ableism following TV appearances, with one incident after her Royal Variety Show performance prompting her to plead with people ‘please remember the difference between personal preference and downright ableism.’

The stand-up comedian was praised for her acting (Picture: PA)

And on Boxing Day she appeared on ’s Big Fat Quiz Of The Year, hosted by Jimmy Carr, where she was again subjected to cruel comments about her  online.

In reaction, she reposted the statement she sent after the Royal Variety performance, which read: ‘‘Thank you for all of the lovely messages about The Royal Variety last night, what fun. Less of a thanks to the not so lovely ones.

‘Comedy is subjective and it’s ok if I’m not your cup of tea. But please remember the difference between personal preference and downright ableism.’

And in a new message, she added: ‘Rinse and repeat. Different telly show, same old ableism.’

Earlier this year, Rosie released a documentary entitled Am I A R****d? which looked at the online abuse she has received as a  person.