Swarm star Dominique Fishback left in tears after ‘very disturbing’ scene and asked for therapist on set
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 23, 2023 - 01:10PM
Dominque Fishback said she ‘definitely cried’ after a particularly harrowing scene (Picture: Amazon Prime)

*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Swarm*

Swarm star Dominique Fishback has opened up about feeling ‘so emotionally and mentally drained’ and asking for a therapist while filming the Prime drama.

Created by Childish Gambino star, Donald Glover, the thriller follows her character Dre who embarks on a killing rampage across America after becoming obsessed with a fictional popstar.

The heavy subject matter led to the 32-year-old requesting a therapist ‘not just for me, but for the other actors who could potentially be triggered, as well as for the crew.’

She explained: ‘I did ask for a therapist to be on set. Not just for me, but for the other actors who could potentially be triggered, as well as for the crew.’

The Judas and the Black Messiah actress singled out episode seven as being ‘very disturbing for me’, particularly when her character kills her girlfriend Rashida (Kiersey Clemons).

She told : ‘Why? Well, for one, Dre loved her. Dre didn’t love those other people she Ki**ed. And the killing was more intimate; she literally Ki**ed her with her bare hands.’

Dominique said she wanted a therapist in case cast and crew were ‘triggered’ (Picture: Prime Video)
The shows follows the dark side of super fandom (Picture: Warrick Page/Prime Video)

Dominque continued: ‘And after that scene, when I went home, I was so emotionally and mentally drained, I could not stay awake. It was so hard to stay awake.

‘The therapist was on set on that day. I definitely cried after that scene, and I took some time to talk to her.’

There have been calls to have better, while intimacy coordinators,, are becoming more commonplace.

Dominique found it ‘hard to stay awake’ after the scene (Picture: Getty)

Dame Emma Thompson has previously hailed intimacy coordinators as ‘.’

The 63-year-old explained: ‘I think if you’re a young woman on a set, which is largely peopled by men, the crew will be 90% men and the women won’t be on the set with you.’

She continued: ‘It is absolutely essential that there is someone there to protect [young women] in the industry.’

Swarm also stars pop icon Billie Eilish, 21, in her first acting role, making a

Swarm is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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