Jameela Jamil shocks with horrendous booty call story that goes from bad to worse
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 23

Many of us can relate to the prospect of bad dates, right?

Well, might have taken the biscuit for one of the worst ones ever, a shocking booty call story that begins badly and continues to spiral into utter horror.

The recently appeared on the Today show in the US to talk about her new podcast Bad Dates, which – as the title would suggest – is all about reliving some of the utterly worst romantic (or not-so-romantic) memories with an array of celebrity guests.

When asked about one of her worst dates, the 37-year-old began by saying: ‘How do I tell this legally?’

A promising start.

She then began: ‘I had a man take several steps into my apartment on what was supposed to be my first-ever booty call. He collapsed three steps in.’

Well that story went in an unexpected direction! (Picture: NBC)

As the co-hosts of the Today show gasped in shock, Jameela added that the man in question ‘broke all of his front teeth’, which ‘flew across my apartment’.

If you thought the story ended there, think again, as the TV personality’s date then ‘split his chin open and collapsed’.

‘It was because he had misused a drug that excites a man’s sausage,’ The Good Place star explained, adding: ‘That’s the only way I can say that. You know what that drug is but I can’t talk about it.’

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Jameela recently starred as Titania in Marvel’s She-Hulk (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Al Roker looked astounded beyond belief, staring directly at the camera in bewilderment at the unexpected anecdote.

Craig Melvin, meanwhile, quipped: ‘I have heard some bad date stories – that’s the worst.’

The synopsis for Jameela’s podcast reads: ‘Everybody has had them. Everybody can relate to them. And now it’s time to laugh at them on Bad Dates, a hilarious new comedy podcast hosted by Jameela Jamil.

‘Each week Jameela’s favorite comedians, celebrities and funny friends share their epic and true dating nightmares and misfires. Like the tale of the guy who could only get frisky on top of a pile of stuffed “Garfield” toys, or the enraged beauty queen with food poisoning who chased her date through a kitchen window. There’s even a bad date that involved gay Bigfoot.’

So far, guests have included Paul Feig, Sean Hayes, Conan O’Brien Wendi McLendon-Covey, with plenty more to come.

The Today show airs on NBC in the US.

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