CD Projekt making ‘more than one’ new The Witcher game
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 08
Part one of a new trilogy? (pic: CD Projekt)

4 is not the only new Witcher game currently being planned, as CD Projekt hint at a whole new trilogy of titles.

After the disaster of Cyberpunk 2077’s launch it was no surprise to see CD Projekt announce a new Witcher game as their next game, and as a means to reclaim their tarnished reputation.

Although as having entered pre-production, they’ve said essentially nothing about the new game and it’s not even clear whether it will star Geralt or not.

However, it won’t be just a single release, with joint CEO Adam Kiciński telling investors that, ‘We have in mind more than one.’

‘The first saga was three games, so now we are thinking about more than one game, but we are in pre-production of the first game from the second Witcher saga,’ said Kiciński.

The most obvious inference from that is that he’s talking about making a new trilogy of games, although he could easily be implying spin-off titles as well.

Prior to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt had insisted there . Although that still may be technically true, as they haven’t announced the new game’s name and it may not be a direct continuation of the previous stories.

The game has only just entered pre-production so it may be a long time till we find out more, although CD Projekt does still have the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 versions of The Witcher 3 due out this year – which may loosen their tongues a little on the new game.

The Witcher 3 still has its next gen update to come (pic: CD Projekt)

What’s less certain is the future of Cyberpunk 2077, with CD Projekt currently implying that the recently announced will be its one and only DLC expansion.

At the same time, exec Michał Nowakowski, claimed that the company is ‘fully committed to developing the Cyberpunk IP further – so beyond this particular expansion.’

‘We definitely want to continue to build upon what was built right now with new stories, new experiences, new content; not just in a video game format, but I’ll leave it here,’ he added.

‘So, in terms of expansions, there’s going to be just one major expansion, however there’s going be new stuff in the future.’

Although that could be interpreted as teasing a sequel it’s unclear if CD Projekt has the staff to work on two massive scale games at the same time.

The talk about new experiences and non-games content sounds like a reference to the and other similar projects, but it’s also possible there could be plans for a smaller spin-off, such as the once rumoured multiplayer mode.

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