‘Childish’ Hollywood star gets his bum out again and everyone is sick of seeing it
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 22
The latest Vanity Fair issue has sparked a lot of conversation (Picture: Gordon von Steiner @gvsgvs)

After becoming famous for dancing n**ed.n**ed to , it seems ’s nude charm was shortlived for fans.

The has so far had an but has now become the centre of backlash as he posed nude for Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood issue.

He joined the likes of , , , and for the special edition of the magazine and boldly stripped off for the cover.

A clip of all the stars dressed up to the nines on an invisible conveyor belt, chatting in pairs went viral on as it ends with Barry walking on in his birthday suit.

Shocked viewers weren’t expecting him to be grinning up from their phone screens, this time covering his privates unlike in his hit film.

Barry’s bold dancing has been the talk of Hollywood, with his fellow Irishman bizarrely asked about .

Barry Keoghan’s nude cameo shocked fans, sparking backlash (Picture: Reuters)

However, it seems the tide is turning against the 31-year-old star’s pro-nudity stance as fans vented about his ‘childish’ behaviour online.

‘Barry Keoghan gave such a brilliant performance. I can’t blame him for getting press any way he can, but the way the media has reduced his performance to shock nudity is so childish,’ wrote Nickel Gee on X.

JessicaAKA added: ‘Seeing Barry is like seeing my cousins n**ed.n**ed for the first time since childhood.’

Some called his appearance a ‘jumpscare’ as many complained about seeing ‘bare cheeks’ without warning.

‘No why am I seeing Barry’s bare cheeks on my screen at 9 in the morning?’ asked stan account eternal_jungkoo

While many blamed actor, others mentioned how this may not have been his idea to strip down.

‘Nah actually free Barry Keoghan, it’s enough now,’ tweeted Natty Kasambala while Kirkxxs added: ‘Was that their idea or his?’

User Douggernaut2 shared a clip from horror Ma, in which Octavia Spencer tells a man at gunpoint ‘Get n**ed.n**ed boy’, captioning it: ‘This is the first thing Barry Keoghan sees arriving at any set now.’

Fitfabfeminist asked the question on everyone’s mind: ‘I need to know the behind the scenes of every Barry shoot, are they just like “Ok you know what to do” and he starts stripping like how does this conversation go 😭.’

He wasn’t shy filming Saltburn with a fully nude scene (Picture: Amazon Prime Video via AP)
Fans seem to think Barry is always n**ed.n**ed (Picture: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

The change in opinion seems to have come out of nowhere as Barry hasn’t been n**ed.n**ed in any of his recent shoots, opting for dramatic gender-bending vampire concepts.

He was in his underwear for a Bumble campaign, but this was no more revealing than which was applauded for.

In fact the only time fans have seen him nude before this was in Saltburn and at the time he had a .

Speaking about the attention, Barry told Vanity Fair: ‘It’s crazy, it can be detrimental to the mind and your mental state if you read into it too much or you look at too much stuff being said.’

He shared a cheeky Valentine’s Day post for Bumble (Picture: @keoghan92/Instagram)

Aware of the pressures, he explained he wouldn’t engage in nude scenes if he wasn’t prepared for the response and people giving their opinions.

‘I think it’s true art. It really is. And it’s true vulnerability as well,’ he continued. ‘You’re really kind of putting yourself out there in the most vulnerable state. It’s beautiful to look at.

‘I’m not saying it’s because of my body, but it’s freeing to see that body move around in the way it does. It’s like a moving painting, almost.’

It’s thought Barry is only n**ed.n**ed on the video cover as a cheeky surprise, while the rest of the shoot seems to have him matching his fellow stars in a dapper suit.

Metro.co.uk reached out to Vanity Fair and Barry’s reps for comment.

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue is on newsstands from March 5 or online .