Cristiano Ronaldo has ‘weirdest crossover ever’ with WWE legend leaving fans in bits
Posted by  badge Boss on 2 weeks ago
Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t hide his excitement (Picture: X)

If you had and The Undertaker on the same football pitch on your 2024 bingo card, it might be time to start playing the lottery.

Somehow, Dwayne ‘’ Johnsonand turning to the dark side on the road to WrestleMania 40 wasn’t even close to the strangest moment involving a legend on Thursday night.

Two icons of their respective games came closer than ever this week when arguably wrestling’s most memorable character stepped out in Riyadh, for a game between Ronaldo’s team Al-Nassr and league leaders Al-Hilal.

Before the match for the Riyadh Season Cup Final, the lights dimmed and Undertaker’s signature gong echoed round the Kingdom Arena.

to the ring is revered by fans and wrestlers alike, and those in attendance were treated to the full spectacle with towers of fire as he strolled to the centre circle.

There, Undertaker – in his full wrestling outfit, complete with wide brimmed hat and trench coat – hoisted the trophy into the air, and Ronaldo couldn’t hide his absolute joy.

The Undertaker made a surprise appearance before the match (Picture: Reuters/Ahmed Yosri)
He completed his iconic entrance with a slow walk to the centre circle (Picture: Reuters/Ahmed Yosri)
Ronaldo couldn’t stop smiling (Picture: X)
Provider: X (Twitter) @nfcm23 Ronaldo couldn’t stop smiling (Picture:x)

The five-time Balon D’Or winner was beaming and looked positively giddy as he turned to his teammates with a huge smile on his face.

The cameras captured his reaction, and fans were loving it as Ronaldo had a definite fanboy moment in what X user @hamie_hamza described as ‘the world’s weirdest crossover ever’.

‘The crossover you didn’t expect to see and didn’t know you needed until now 🤩 The Undertaker 🐐🤝 🐐 Cristiano Ronaldo,’ tweeted broadcaster @DAZN_ES, while fan @space_planetary added: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction to the Undertaker presenting the Riyadh Season trophy was priceless! 😅’

Undertaker even held up the trophy for the friendly game (Picture: Reuters/Ahmed Yosri)
Undertaker is one of the most legendary stars in WWE history (Picture: WireImage)

Another fan hailed the moment as ‘the greatest crossover in sports and entertainment history’, noting that Ronaldo was ‘loving it’.

‘Undertaker and Ronaldo in the same pitch?! What kind of a crossover is this? 🤣,’ asked yet another fan, with someone else joking: ‘Ronaldo is loving it, after watching this I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he cried after the Undertaker lost his WrestleMania streak’

Meanwhile, others are hoping the unexpected interaction could lead to a match between Undertaker and Ronaldo at WrestleMania 40 in April.

Grayson Waller has stood up to legends like John Cena, and even Ronaldo is in his sights (Picture: WWE)

While wrestling’s Phenom is very much retired, currentpreviously suggested it wouldn’t take much to knock Ronaldo down.

‘All I gotta do is put one hit on him. He’s gonna fall on the ground for about 15 minutes grabbing out his leg like the rest of these fake soccer players do,’ he exclusively told before WWE’s Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia in November 2023.

He cheekily added: ‘I’m sure he’s pretty good. But there’s no way he could cut in the ring.’

Apollo Crews is also sceptical (Picture: WWE)

He’s not the only WWE star to cast doubt over former Manchester United forward’s chances at crossing over into professional wrestling when his football days are done.

Asked if he’d make it in the ring, Lionel Messi superfan and former United States Champion Apollo Crews insisted , the physical game is on another level.

He told us: ‘When you start the physical part, that’s a different story though, for most people.’