Daniel Cleaver is back! Hugh Grant gets cosy with Renée Zellweger in long-awaited Bridget Jones return
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Daniel Cleaver is BACK! (Picture: Click News and Media)

In news that will make rom-com fans everywhere swoon – we have our first sighting of ’s return to the franchise.

No, this is not a drill! Charming rogue Daniel Cleaver is back for the next film documenting the trials and tribulations of everyone’s favourite singleton.

Slated for release on next year, is the fourth instalment in the Bridget Jones series, succeeding Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004), and Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016).

Of course, lead actress , 55, reprises her role of the British cultural icon, famous for having chaos follow everywhere she goes, whether it’s sliding down fireman’s poles for Sit Up Britain, getting imprisoned in Thailand, or racing through the rainy streets of the capital in labour.

The American movie star with Hugh himself, and it looks like ‘Jones’ and Daniel are getting cosy once more – no see-through tops or mini skirts in sight, though.

Photographed on location in Hampstead, Hugh, 63, looks as suave as ever as he slots right back into the role of the charming, yet devious, womaniser.

Hugh Grant reprises his role of the devious womaniser (Picture: Click News and Media)
The award-winning rom-com star looked dapper as he was seen on set for the first time (Picture: Click News and Media)
It’s been a hot minute since we saw Hugh and Renée Zellweger filming together (Picture: Click News and Media)

Donning a navy suit and lilac shirt, the romantic comedy veteran gets close to Renée’s Bridget, placing a hand around her neck and seemingly leaning in for a kiss.

The pair then share a sweet hug, undoubtedly sending a million old memories flooding back for the original toxic on-screen couple.

Following the intimate moment, however, Hugh’s antagonist becomes rather animated, suggesting yet another heated exchange between the on-off lovers.

Sunglasses in hand, the ever-so-slick Hugh later strolls off to his awaiting red sports car, a nod to the flashy wheels he cruised around in 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, Renée – wearing a vibrant green dress with a grey cardigan over the top – stares at him longingly.

In between takes, Hugh chats to two young children, presumably either his own character’s or those of Bridget, who welcomed her first baby, William, almost a decade ago.

The pair shared a cosy moment… (Picture: Click News and Media)
What does the future hold for ‘Jones’ and Daniel? (Picture: Click News and Media)
It seems the playboy is back to stir up trouble (Picture: Click News and Media)

Die-hard fans will know that the father of her son is Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy, for Bridget Jones 4 as the romantic barrister (we are crushed beyond belief).

In fact, it was once touch and go whether Hugh Grant himself even had a future in the Bridget Jones series, as the Golden Globe winner devastated audiences by failing to appear in Bridget Jones’s Baby, his character presumed dead in a plane crash.

Thankfully, Daniel is very much alive, as it was confirmed in 2016, opening the door for the ladies’ man to come back.

As well as Bridget and Daniel, Mad About The Boy welcomes new faces, including One Day star  and Oscar nominee .

It’s believed that Leo, 27, following the plot of released in 2013.

The book sees Bridget entertain two possible new men: Roxster, a 30-year-old toy boy, and her kids’ disapproving teacher, Mr Wallaker.

Daniel was Ki**ed off in Bridget Jones’s Baby, only to be revealed as alive at the end of the movie (Picture: Click News and Media)
Of course, there’ll be drama between the toxic pair (Picture: Click News and Media)
Renée ‘adores’ playing the troubled singleton, sources have said (Picture: Click News and Media)
Hugh was spotted chatting to his on-screen children in between takes (Picture: Click News and Media)

Of course, with Hugh back causing trouble too, it seems we have more of a love square than a love triangle on our hands.

Spilling the beans, a source previously told : ‘Bridget is going to be a real cougar in the new film and she’ll be seen starting a relationship with a much younger character played by Leo.

‘He was thrilled about landing the part and will have a major role as her love interest in Mad About The Boy.’

The insider went on to confirm Bridget is a single mum, ‘trying to navigate a new world of social media and dating apps after Mark’s death’ (we’ll never recover).

‘Hugh Grant is back as Daniel Cleaver, so there will be a love triangle between Bridget’s older flame and this much younger new man,’ they teased.

Alas, Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth) will not be returning (Picture: Jason Bell/Universal/Studio Canal/Miramax/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock)
Mad About The Boy will be released next year on Valentine’s Day (Picture: Everett/REX/Shutterstock)
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It’s also previously been teased that Renée is ‘excited about bringing Bridget back’ as she ‘adores the character so much’, so fans can rest assured that the forthcoming film will be handled with a whole load of love.

Is it Valentine’s Day 2025 yet?

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy will be released on Peacock in the US and in cinemas internationally on February 14, 2024.